Falling For FOCCO

The bag that I am using at the moment is one that is causing quite a stir in the blogging/youtubing world and I’m sure you’ve seen it many, many times.  Its the studded bottom duffel bag known as the FOCCO.

The colour I have is referred to as grey but really its more of a mink/lilac-grey than a pure grey.  Its beautiful and the gold zips and studs on the bottom of the bag really compliment each other.  Its very comfortable to carry on my arm, can fit absolutely everything I need in and the material it is made out of is great quality.  It feels just as luxurious as the high end designer bags that I have and in comparison to something of a similar size, like my Louis Vuitton Speedy 35, it is actually much more of a joy to carry which I think is down to the supportive yet soft top handles.  It has two zips down one of the ends of the bag which creates a pocket that I tend to keep small, non valuable things in like tissues or my mittens.  Inside, the bag is pretty unstructured so you can fit lots inside but it keeps its structure because of the board at the bottom where the studs are.  This is helpful as the bag doesn’t lose its shape completely when its empty.  There is a standard zip pocket, a mobile phone pouch and another larger pouch inside that I keep the obvious bits and pieces in.  I’ve had this about a month now and have used it every single day which is extremely unusual for me as I’m always changing between bags.

I first saw this on Laura’s blog and absolutely loved it.  The style, the detailing, its just gorgeous.  It wasn’t until I heard other bloggers and youtubers like Gemma talking about it that I realised it was actually a take on a bag by Alexander Wang called the Rocco which I saw in Selfridges this week when shopping in Manchester.  They had the new season versions in store and I absolutely fell in love with a white tote, again with the gold studs but with a strap that allows it to be worn across the body.  I’m hoping to get it when I return to Manchester closer to Christmas as it will be perfect for snowy winter days and it will look amazing next summer.  White, gold and black are my summer staple outfit colours.  Classy, summery and glamorous.

I bought my bag on Ebay for just under £30 from this seller and I found it by typing in ‘celebrity style studded bag’.  There are other colours available too- black, white and brown although I cant testify for those as I must admit the grey bag I received is a completely different colour to how it looks online (i love it more!).  The seller I used was fantastic, I can completely recommend them as their service was excellent and my bag arrived within a matter of days.  The seller is actually doing the same bags but with the strap to go on your shoulder or across your body now too, similar to the one I want from Selfridges.

My Take On Fake

I’m not a fan of fake bags in the slightest, although I can see why people buy them as there’s so much pressure to have the ‘in’ bag and most girls want the designer look regardless of their budget.  I think the way I see it is that all fashion on the highstreet is influenced from the catwalk.  The high end designers create pieces, display them and the style then filters down in some form to the highstreet.   With this in mind, I think a bag like the FOCCO that is a similar style to the designer counterpart is ok for me (in the same way that you can buy a bag in River Island that is influenced by a particular designer) but the direct copies of the designer bags with labels and such are a no no for me, personally.  Case in point; Chloe Paddington, Chanel Jumbo, Fendi Spy, Marc Jacobs quilted styles and don’t get me started on the Louis Vuitton rip offs you see in every shop when on holiday in Turkey.  They’re often tacky, poor quality and so blatantly fake.  I would rather save my money and put it towards a good quality high street bag or save up for a designer one than waste it on a rip off that is trying so hard to look like the original that it manages to look a million miles off! This is why I love this bag- its great quality, stylish and isn’t a direct copy of the ROCCO. It is in the same style but it doesn’t have any writing on it saying Alexander Wang or have the same design features inside as the ROCCO.  As we say up North, its LUSH!

Have you bought one of these bags?  Did you know about the Rocco before seeing the Focco? (or am I just walking around with my head in the clouds again?!) What bag are you using at the moment?  Fancy a whats in my bag post anyone?


  1. *Daisy Loves
    November 12, 2011 / 10:48 am

    Love the colour! If I had a bag that big Id just loose everything in it!! x

  2. maxinecassidy
    November 14, 2011 / 1:34 pm

    i have this bag as well! the colour is sooo gorgeous, i'm half tempted to get the black one as well!! xx

  3. Tali
    November 17, 2011 / 11:55 am

    LOVE IT! I saw the real thing and then the focco Liparazzi had and in this case the fake is nicer. The real one was not a very nice grey/taupe!

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