Fear Ground Scream Park by Psycho Path

What better way to spend a date night than scaring yourselves silly at Fear Ground by Psycho Path!

Al & I were invited to the opening night & were blown away with the set up of the open air scream park! This was right up our street as we love the thrill of feeling a little scared but knowing we’re safe.

There’s 4 different scare attractions across 700 acres of farmland plus a huge barn filled with local street food stands, a bar, great music, fairground rides & stalls. There’s even a live show which I thought really helped to set Fear Ground apart from its competitors & we loved watching the illusion, aerial & acrobat acts!

The actors were brilliant although we would love to have seen more of them as some parts of our visit seemed uncovered & lengthy queues could at times lead to disappointment but overall, it was a fantastic night & a great set up.

It’s clear that they’ve really put a hell of a lot of thought & money behind it & I think that this is a fantastic way to use farm land over the cold & wet months!

Sadly I had a horrible panic attack on the biggest scare attraction- not from any of the fantastic actors but from a relatively innocent tunnel. As many of you know I’m very claustrophobic after an accident I had many years ago & I simply wasn’t expecting the height of the tunnel to feel so low, so panic set in & im really impressed with how quickly & sensitively the staff helped me & got me out, along a different path to rejoin the group after the tunnel. I really must say the staff are a total credit to the attraction- THANK YOU!

Fear Ground is for 13 years+ but under 16s must be accompanied by an adult. There’s also a Family Fright Fest on certain days which promises fun for families & kids of all ages.

Fear Ground is located on Lintz Hall Farm, Burnopfield, Newcastle, NE16 6AS & L A Taxis are doing fab deals from all over the North East on 4 & 8 seater cabs.

If you love scare attractions like us then give it a go & see how much you scream!

Trick or Treat yourself to tickets HERE.


  1. October 15, 2019 / 4:33 pm

    I am a complete and utter wuss, so I wouldn’t be able to cope with this, but my teenage kids would love it, I am sure. So glad to hear that the staff coped so well with your panic attack, that is really reassuring. Mich x

  2. October 15, 2019 / 9:59 pm

    LOL that sounds quite amazing. I am not sure I’d dare though!

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