Feeling Down? These Tips Might Help

It’s okay to feel a bit down from time to time. It is something that we all experience. And given current circumstances, it is perfectly understandable. You’re stuck at home. You can’t see your friends. Unless you’ve got family with you, you’re alone. It’s tough. 

Feeling depressed can sneak up on you. You can feel as though you’re doing fine, but over time, things can change. It is particularly severe when you have fewer outlets than you usually have in your life. Before, you’d be out and about, going to work, seeing friends, and enjoying recreation. Now those activities are out of the questions. 

It’s understandable, therefore, to feel down right now. The future is uncertain, and there seems to be a lot of danger.

So what can you do if you’re feeling down? What are your options? 

Try Writing

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While the lockdown is tough, it is also an excellent opportunity to put pen to paper. Interruptions are few and far between, and you have an ocean of time to explore ideas and create new art. Writing can be a great way to process your feelings. It is a “whole brain” activity, meaning that it forces you to focus on the action itself. For that reason, it can be highly therapeutic. 

Take A Nap

Napping is a great way to recharge your batteries and feel ready to face the rest of the day. Interestingly, many people are discovering their natural body clock in the lockdown. Sleeping at night is still the norm. But there is a large group of furloughed workers who now find themselves taking a nap after lunch – something humans did historically. Naps can help you feel refreshed and dramatically improve your mood. 

Cuddle Your Pets

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Skin-on-skin contact is out of the question right now for a lot of us. But, as science shows, it is something that a lot of us need to stay sane. 

The next best alternative, therefore, is to cuddle our pets. They might not have the qualities of a person, but they’re still a great substitute. 

Try Meditating For Fifteen Minutes When You Wake Up

People have known about the healing powers of meditation for centuries. And now even western science is catching up. Focusing your thoughts helps to create healthy patterns that stay with you for the rest of the day. Over time, many people find that their sense of wellbeing improves and that they can enjoy their lives far more than without meditation. 

Go For A Walk

You’re still allowed to leave the house in most countries for daily exercise. Going for a walk, therefore, can be a powerful way to release tension and improve the way that you feel. 

Do Something Fun Every Night

Having something fun to look forward to in the evenings can make a massive difference in how you feel the rest of the day. Plus, actually doing it elevates your mood, makes you smile, and affirms your life. Possible activities include things like downloading a new game, cooking a new recipe or planning a trip once finally released from quarantine.

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