Feeling Fresh with Sure & Smelling Like Candy Thanks To Impulse!

Sure Deodorant and Impulse Body Mist Review WhatLauraLoves

If theres one thing I hate in this world, its smelling bad.  Not just smelling but feeling damp and sweaty, urgh I can’t stand it!  I have used Sure deodorant for years and years and as far as anti-perspirant sprays go, I really think its up there with the best.  Its so affordable as well and on offer so frequently that I never find myself having to pay full price.  I usually use the Invisible Antibacterial one, which is perfect under the arms but also great for spraying under your tummy too if you’re shaped like I am and find you sweat there.  A little TMI for some but necessary to share I think for those of us who find this an issue!  However lately I’ve been trying a variety that’s new to me; the Sure Advanced Protection Anti-Perspirant Ultimate Fresh Deodorant.

This one is designed to be the ultimate endurance anti-perspirant as it contains more anti-perspirant active than other deodorants which gives you a whopping 72 hours of protection against sweat and body odour, even after you’ve had a shower.  How great is that?!  For a woman who has felt so conscious of sweating in the past, this is a MUST HAVE product!  It comes in two scents, Pure Fresh (pink detail on the can) and Ultimate Fresh (blue on the can), of which I have the latter.  It smells really fresh and clean without being overly feminine; both my boyfriend and I have been using it and enjoying the benefits!

This level of protection from Sure is available in a 200ml aerosol like the one that I have here or in the new larger size 100ml roll on deodorant so you can be Sure to feel confident that you’re dry and smelling fresh all day long!

Sure and Impulse Go Get Glitter WhatLauraLoves Review

Now for a flashback… can you remember Impulse?  Back in my school days they were the go-to body sprays for girls who loved to smell great.  They’re still around now and in fact I picked up one of their aerosol cans recently when I was out and had forgotten to put some perfume on.  Rather than buy a bottle of fragrance, I picked up a can of Impulse and enjoyed reminiscing on my youth!

The brand have come a long way since those days though and now have a body mist formula and are doing funky collaborations left, right and centre.  The most recent result is the Impulse Go Get Glitter Limited Edition Body Mist which comes in two varieties; Coconut Spritz + Glitter Bomb and Melted Candy + Unicorn Dust.  Both of which smell absolutely gorgeous and at 150ml each, you can spritz away until your heart is content throughout the day!

Now I can’t profess to know what Go Get Glitter is but after a little research online, they’re a company who sell glitter, body jewels and that kind of thing for decorating your whole body for parties, festivals and plenty of other wild occasions.  They have given the Impulse Body Mists a mystical makeover by collaborating on two new sweet like candy scents and transforming the bottle design with glitter art.

Impulse Go Get Glitter Body Mist Review WhatLauraLoves

There are two sassy variations available; Melted Candy + Unicorn Dust which is a sugary sweet scent combining the smell of honeycomb, candyfloss, sherbet and crystallised sugar and Coconut Spritz + Glitter Bomb which is like summer in a bottle, combined with sweet vanilla and warm musk.  It is right up my street for daytime wear and definitely my favourite of the two.   I was a little confused to begin with as I was expecting the mists themselves to have glitter in, making them a sparkly spritz on the skin which would have been perfect for coming up to the party season but I guess there’s plenty sparkly body products on the shelves already and these really are lovely scented body mists.  Definitely a one for the younger girls out there and a good buy for stocking fillers with Santa coming.

They’re a Superdrug exclusive and limited edition so if you want to get your hands on a bottle, you’ll need to be quick!

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Sure Advanced Protection Anti-Perspirant Ultimate Fresh Deodorant WhatLauraLoves



What do you use to keep yourself feeling and smelling fresh all day?  Have you tried any of these products?


  1. November 8, 2018 / 5:50 am

    I use sure deodorant all the time as I find it’s the best all day coverage. and I’ve bought a few of the new impulse scents and they’re much nicer than I remember x

  2. November 8, 2018 / 10:02 am

    Ah I remember Impulse! It was so handy. The Go Get Glitter collab with Impulse bottles look really nice, like you say – they look like they’d make a nice stocking filler! x

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