FemFresh Ultimate Care Active Fresh Duo

If there’s one thing I don’t read about too often on blogs its feminine hygiene products, they’re right up there with other taboo subjects like hair removal and facial hair bleaching.  Although I’ve seen Ingrid talk about them on her Youtube channel, they are pretty much a rarity in the blogging world and I don’t know why, we’ve all got one; unless you’re a man and in that case, you still need to wash too.

So today I’m going to be facing the taboo head on and talking about washing down there

FemFresh are one of the leading feminine hygiene brands, in fact I couldn’t name any others off the top of my head.  All of their products are have been dermatologically and gynaecologically tested and are deemed to be suitable for everyday use; including these two, their new Ultimate Care Active Fresh duo.

The new femfresh Ultimate Care Active Fresh Duo consists of two separate products, a wash and a deodorant, that both use specialist silver ion technology to keep you feeling fresh and clean.  Now I’m not technologically minded but in a nut shell, silver ions are of natural origin and have strong antibacterial and deodorising properties that work in harmony with your body to achieve long lasting freshness which is just what you want from a feminine hygiene product.  The silver ions are perfectly suited to even the most sensitive of skin which is great as regardless of whether the rest of your body skin is pretty resilient or not, the chances are you’ll be very sensitive down there.  If you’ve ever washed with the Original Source Tea Tree and Mint Shower Gel then you’ll know exactly what I mean…

I have been trying out both of the new femfresh products and I am really impressed with them.  Whilst they can both be used every day as part of your usual shower routine, I’ve actually been taking these to the gym for me for when I shower after the gym.  I hate feeling sweaty after a work out so I like to have a nice shower first thing on a morning after my workout and find that with using both of these products, I can go about my day feeling fresh and clean.

The first product is the Ultimate Care Active Fresh Wash* which can be used as a targeted intimate skin was or all over the body as a normal shower gel and since it has a sensitive formula, it wont irritate the skin.  This wash is like a creamy shower gel and contains lactic acid and softening calendula which work together to make you feel clean and fresh from the moment you use them.  It also contain a MUTIActif odour neutralising complex with silver ions that also helps to give you that fresh feeling after use and keep you odour free and feeling comfortable all day.  The was itself does have a soft, delicate fragrance that just smells clean, not overpowering in anyway so again, it wont irritate your skin like some other perfumed body washes can.  It is soap free, hypoallergenic and pH-balanced, making it perfect for use on intimate skin.  Rather than taking a separate shower gel with me to the gym, I simply use this as an all over body wash and would really recommend it as it keeps me feeling clean and fresh and hasn’t irritated my skin or made me feel uncomfortable at all.

The Ultimate Care Active Fresh Wash which retails for around £3.49 for a 250ml bottle here.

After using the wash, I have then been using the Ultimate Care Active Fresh Deodorant* which has a similar delicate scent.  Again it is formulated with the MULTIActif odour neutralising complex and silver ions to give you an instant feeling of freshness that lasts for hours and hours.  It has a hypoallergenic formula that is perfect for intimate skin, especially over regular deodorants on the high street and can be sprayed around the intimate area or directly onto underwear, the latter of which doesn’t cause any staining on the garments.  When you spray it, the deodorant does feel quite cold and it can be a little shock to the system when you use it for the first time as it is a strange cold burst feeling!  However you quickly get used to it as you expect it the next time you use the deodorant!  It works exceptionally well at making you feel very fresh and clean and I would definitely recommend it, particularly for when you’ve been to the gym or on holiday when you’re going to be feeling hot.

The Ultimate Care Active Fresh Deodorant is £2.99 for 125ml here.

This isn’t the first time I’ve used and featured femfresh products on my blog.  If you remember my Festival Survival Guide post last summer than you’ll know that I recommend taking their wipes with you on all festival and camping trips as you can never quite trust the state of the portaloos.  I recently took them on safari with me in Kenya too for when we used local toilets on our way to and from the National Park but more on that in another post.

The full femfresh range is available in Boots and Superdrug online and in store as well as in supermarkets and chemists nationwide.  For stockists, call 01303858821 or go to their website.

Do you use any targeted feminine hygiene products?  Which ones are your favourites?

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  1. Anonymous
    April 25, 2014 / 12:05 am

    Hi! I have seen your post on Boohoo clothing and I was wondering if their clothes run small or big?An advise before ordering would be appreciate!K

    • WhatLauraLoves
      April 25, 2014 / 6:53 pm

      Hi KI've only tried two jackets and I would say that they were true to size. There are some pieces that are oversized and would fit larger sizes, think I mentioned the dress in the blog post.xxxx

    • Anonymous
      April 25, 2014 / 11:35 pm

      Thanks for answering so fast!Is it the "Lucie Quilted Fabric Zip Through Jacket" ? That's the one I want to know about.Thanks again!Kxx

  2. Ash
    May 8, 2014 / 4:38 pm

    I love reading posts like this. I don't see why people shy away from it. I occasionally struggle finding good products for that area so I've been sticking with the one I use now but the scent is really overpowering. I'm glad I came across this post, they sound fab. (:Ash xx

    • WhatLauraLoves
      June 2, 2014 / 12:23 am

      Thanks for your support on this post topic Ash. Definitely give Femfresh a go as their scent isn't overpowering at all.Laura xxx

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