First Impressions: Simply Be Dress

This year, on Christmas Eve, Eve Mr WLL and I are off to a special party at our friends restaurant and I really want to dress up for the occasion as there’s going to be people there I haven’t seen for a long time.  Dressing to impress is certainly a necessity and I have been scouring the shops and online well in advance to make sure I find the perfect outfit in plenty of time before the party.  No last minute shopping for me this year.

When it came to choosing my outfit I knew, more or less, exactly what I wanted for the outfit in terms of shape; a short dress that pulls me in under my bust and features a floaty chiffon style material.  I’ve always quite liked my legs but as I lose more weight, they really are becoming a feature I want to show off because they’re one of my slimmest parts.  I have a large tummy that is so much wider and bigger than the rest of me.  I guess that’s why I don’t wear trousers too often as I have to go several sizes larger for them to fit my tummy but in doing that they make my legs look much bigger than they are.  That meant trousers and even a maxi dress were out and I knew I would want something above the knee and not figure hugging over my stomach.  Other than the shape of the dress, I was quite open minded when hunting for my outfit- lace, embellishment, colour, material, embroidery, sleeves, sleeveless were all an option.

When Simply Be suggested their Embellished Prom Party Dress I knew I had to have it and whilst I’m not going to be wearing it until December 23rd, I just couldn’t wait to show you the dress I’m going to be wearing.  Call it a first impressions post if you will.

Taken from the Simply Be website here.

The Embellished Prom Party Dress from Simply Be was actually designed by their Facebook followers as their Ultimate Party Dress which makes it really special and I hope they like the look I put together with it.  The dress itself is a really striking cobalt blue, a colour which I haven’t really worn before but am really forward to wearing as it looks so beautiful, especially with the jewelled embellishment on the waistline which adds a bit of Christmas sparkle.  The photo on the website is a really accurate depiction of the shade of the dress in real life.  The only thing I would say is that I was expecting the dress to be longer than what it is, which isn’t a bad thing at all.  The description states that the dress is 36inches and sits above the knee but on me it actually comes up quite a bit higher when I’m moving around which I suppose is my tummy pulling it up.  For me, I don’t mind as when I’ve tried sitting down in it and moving around it doesn’t appear to be uncomfortable or too revealing but for those who aren’t a fan of showing off their legs or for the nights where you don’t have time to get the fake tan out, then I’d recommend some thick black tights which will not only keep you warm but look great with the dress too.

The dress floats effortlessly over my stomach which I love about it as it makes me feel feminine and sexy without being self conscious.  The underskirt is made of a jersey material and has a mesh overlay which has the same floaty effect of chiffon that I love.  The dress has some detachable straps too but I can’t see these being needed and think that it looks much better as a strapless dress.  For those who aren’t a fan of their shoulders or arms then a little black shrug or bolero would help to cover up this area without detracting from the beauty of the dress.  The dress has a sheering back for comfort and to help with the fit which is great, particularly, for those women who are lucky enough to have a larger bust too.

I ordered my usual size and the fit was accurate and true to size for the size I ordered.  As I’ve said many times before, my body is completely out of proportion, I’ve always been considerably bigger around my middle than I am around my bust which has been exaggerated further with my recent weight loss so I always need to buy an item that will fit around my tummy and therefore expect it to be bigger around my bust, which this dress is.

It retails for a purse friendly £60 from the Simply Be website.  I say purse friendly because it is guaranteed to see you through many Christmas parties to come!  Having given it a quick try on, I know I’m definitely going to enjoy wearing this.

I am SO looking forward to wearing this dress, I literally cannot wait!

What dresses have you chosen for your Christmas nights out? Any from Simply Be?

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