Fitness 101: How to Get Into Exercising

Everyone knows the importance of exercise, but it can be challenging and daunting as a beginner or if you are trying to get back to exercise after a long time off. This article will offer a few pointers for those looking to start a new exercise regime that should help you to get started and reap the benefits of regular exercise.

Decide On a Form of Exercise

First, you should take the time to pick a form of exercise or two that will help you to achieve your goals. You should think about what your goals are, what kind of exercise you would enjoy and what is practical. This could be going to the gym, going to a fitness class, swimming, playing a competitive sport or jogging just as a few examples.

Design a Fitness Program

It becomes much easier to create a habit of exercise when you have a program to stick to. Once you know what you want to achieve and what form of exercise you will be using, you can then create a weekly and monthly plan to keep you on track. Crucially, do not set goals that are too challenging as otherwise, it will be hard to stay motivated.

Make Exercise a Habit

Following on from this, you need to make exercise a habit in order to achieve your goals. People often start off strong but quickly lose motivation when they do not see results. It can take a long time for results to show and consistency is key, which is why you need to make exercise a habit instead of relying on motivation. You can make this easier by starting off small, rewarding yourself for achieving small goals and choosing exercise that you enjoy.

Monitor Your Progress

You should also monitor your progress as this can be a great motivational tool. How you monitor your progress will depend on the goals that you have, but could include keeping track of your weight, keeping track of your reps and sets in a notebook, taking pictures or recording your runs. You often do not notice progress as it is gradual, so looking back can help you to see how far you have come.


Don’t Push Through Injuries

Injuries are common, especially when getting started, and it is vital that you do not push through and instead listen to your body. Additionally, if you are involved in an accident while exercising that was not your fault, such as getting hit by a car while running or equipment falling on you while you’re on a gym bench, you should seek legal advice as you may have a potential compensation claim.


Hopefully, the advice in this post will help you to get started with an exercise regime. Often, it is getting started that is the hardest and once you get into a habit it can be much easier to exercise regularly and enjoy the many benefits that this can bring.

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