Five Most Popular Vehicles In The UK To Purchase

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If it seems like there is always some new “it” car of the moment that everyone is clamouring to get their hands on, you aren’t far off the truth. With the top car manufacturers releasing new and updated models on a yearly basis, it can be rather hard to stay on top of which car ranks at the top of the most wanted list. 

Whether you’re in the market for a new vehicle, or you’re just curious as to the direction a certain make or model is heading, taking a look at all the new releases each year can be well worth your time.

To narrow things down and make life a little easier for you as you read up on the latest and greatest, here’s a look at five of the most popular vehicles in the UK listed in no particular order.

Mercedes A-Class

If you’re looking for a vehicle that consistently gets high marks from reviewers and drivers such as yourself, then the Mercedes A-Class could be the way to go. The brand-new A-Class Hatchback is especially exciting as this is a more compact way to enjoy the car, yet it provides you with the added bonus of all that extra boot space.

Volkswagen Polo

For those with budget as a top concern, the Volkswagen Polo can be a great option. With an entry-level price of just £15,735, this one won’t break the budget yet it still offers up a variety of features, performance, fuel efficiency, and plenty of space in its compact design. This base price model is an SE 1.0 80PS EVO 5-speed Manual 5 Door, making it fun and sporty to drive.

BMW 1 Series

Now well into its third generation, the BMW 1 Series is another great option for those in the market for a new vehicle. Classed as a compact car, you’ll love the utility, power, modern, high-tech, and connectivity that this car offers. Choose from either a five-door or three-door sports hatch – this one also provides a fair amount of cargo and passenger space.

Toyota Yaris

Here’s another option that’s perfect for those on a budget, which is part of why this one makes the list of top contenders. The Toyota Yaris starts at just £12,995, and boasts such things as excellent fuel economy, a sleek exterior and interior that looks sharp and expensive, an integrated multimedia system, hybrid technology, and a huge list of high-tech safety features.

Mini Hatchback

Of course, we can’t put together a list of the most popular vehicles in the UK without also mentioning the Mini Hatchback. The size of this vehicle makes it perfect for manoeuvring on tight and busy streets, there is a choice between a three or five-door model, and the low centre of gravity is ideal for taking corners. Also, a Smart infotainment system comes complete with a 6.5″ screen, there are LED rear and front lights to provide you with added visibility, it has a Mini Twinpower Turbo engine, and plenty more.

Ford Fiesta

When it comes to the most popular car in the UK, here’s one that continuously tops the list. The Ford Fiesta is known as the top small car on the market, delivering a huge variety of features in a compact make-up. Some of its high-tech features include adaptive cruise control, active park assist, traffic sign recognition, lane keeping aid, and so much more. There are a number of Fiesta models to choose from, with the entry-level Trend starting at just £15,995.

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So, What Will it Be?

With so many fabulous and feature-packed models, it’s no wonder that these five made the list of the most popular vehicles to purchase in the UK right now. What’s even more impressive is the affordability of the majority of these models, making them ideal options for a wide range of budgets and lifestyle needs.

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