Five Steps To Spiritual Awakening

For thousands of years, spiritualism has been sought by countless humans. In many religions, it’s used as one of the bases of human morality. Many have tried to pursue this endeavour of finding a deeper meaning towards our existence. 

One of the many goals of spiritualism is spiritual awakening, or as the Buddhists would say: to reach ‘nirvana.’ This state of enlightenment has been reached by their founder Siddharta Gautama who, after twenty-five years of searching and wandering the Himalayas, found his awakening. This has also been emulated several times by other factions, both religious and non-religious, claiming that their leader has found such a state. 

During the spiritual awakening process, you find the religion that speaks for you and your values the most. It is a very long and challenging journey because it takes time to realise what is your true purpose in this life and to acquire enough knowledge about all the religions in order to understand which is the closest to your soul. Luckily there are many resources out there to organise this process and to help you stay on the path. A student ministry curriculum, for example, is great for those who want to learn about Christianity in an interactive and engaging way. This is a well-organised program with learning resources, videos, interactive content, and materials and it is easily adaptable to your learning pace. Organising your learning stuff is crucial because we have already mentioned that the spiritual awakening takes time and dedication.

In its true sense, spiritualism is a human need to fill the curious question about our creation and purpose in life. The enlightenment may give us a clearer direction and prevent us from being distracted by mostly mundane events and objects. It may also help to give you a positive attitude towards life no matter the situation you’re in. You may find this process helpful if you’ve been feeling constantly down, like you have no control over your life or your emotions.

But how can you achieve this sought-after awakening? Is it possible? 

Here are five steps you can take to finally achieve spiritual awakening.

  • Take Control

To achieve a higher sense of being or a higher sense of self, one must recognise first that the most crucial part of the awakening process is to have a sense of oneness with your spirit. This connection between the physical and spiritual world within you will create a link that will serve as a step towards your journey to awakening. Some people take their first step by taking tests like the ‘is my third eye open quiz’ to identify if they have the gift of empathy, which makes a person sensitive to the emotions of others.

However, in many cases, it takes a negative situation to create a strong desire to take control and initiate changes. When you’re extremely unhappy or frustrated about a particular event in your life, you can set an intention to take back the power and control over your own life, which will help activate your chakras and energy.

You can also learn more about certification in charism, which focuses on discovering your unique talents and gifts to bring out the best version of yourself. This can further aid in connecting with your inner self and finding your purpose.

  • Disconnect

Now, to be able to take full control, you must learn to stop depending on anyone. For most people, this may be the hardest part when it comes to achieving spiritual awakening. This might even be a scary idea if you’re the type to cling and depend a lot on other people. 

You also have to detach yourself from worldly desires and thoughts, which will allow you to clear out all of the negativity, hate, and regret, and make room for the ‘new, awakened self’ that you’re trying to be.

  • Appreciate

Now that you’ve let go of yourself to go with the natural flow of universal energy, it’s the perfect time to appreciate the things that you already have. Think of it as being thankful for all the things that you’ve achieved as of the moment. This will allow you to have a calm and open state of mind that will be crucial for the next step of your journey.

After letting go, some people report that they feel lighter, referring to the feeling of the nakedness of the soul. Many people have stopped after this process, thinking that they have already reached awakening, but in fact, they’re just in the middle and they still need to go further to make this peaceful state long-lasting.

  • Rebuild

Having achieved the peak calmness of mind, you may now slowly build from the ground up. Because you’ve now cleared every obstacle or disruption that might pull you back along the way, it’s now easier to climb up step by step. Always keep in mind that you’re now a calm person, and you can easily let go of any further negativity. At this stage, your goal is to focus on yourself. Re-evaluate your beliefs and perhaps build new positive ones too. Do this until you reach your peak emotional sensitivity, or as referenced earlier, your third eye, which will allow you to understand yourself better, including the people around you.

Always build solid steps. This is crucial to ensure that the effects will remain for as long as you live. You can do this by progressively strengthening your belief in your capacity for self-love, which will also enable you to reflect the same love onto others.

  • Awaken

This is the last step and perhaps the most awaited among all of the steps. When you’re finally awakened, you’ll feel more intuitive and in tune with yourself. You may also feel a stronger connection with nature. Aside from being more spiritual, you’ll find that you’ve also become more understanding of people and events around you. 

A higher sense of being may also allow you to emanate the same effects towards society. Now that you have a higher sense of meaning towards life, this sense of inner peace can be a gift that you may share with others so that you can spread the positivity that comes with achieving this higher sense of self.


In A Nutshell

There are no shortcuts towards spiritual awakening. Like the legend of the phoenix, you may first need to burn yourself to the ground before you can be reborn into something new. The fire in this context is your worries and troubles. As you allow yourself to be engulfed in those flames, you strip them off yourself slowly but carefully, making sure that nothing is left, and from the ashes, you rise into something new with the knowledge, wisdom, and resolve to maintain inner peace.

Some people refer to this state as the ‘divine consciousness,’ where both you and your spiritual body are one, with your oneness reflected towards the outside world. This may even allow you to bestow upon others the desire to achieve the same sense of being, which you’ll find fulfilling as you become a channel of universal positivity.

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