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One of my favourite films from my childhood is What A Girl Wants as I always remember watching it while I was singing in America and really missing my Daddy back home.  I’ll always remember one particular quote from the film, ‘if you can walk on a beach and you have a steady hand with nail polish, there’s no reason to ever pay for a pedicure’.  Well that’s not strictly true now is it?!  I live in a coastal city but hardly ever find time to go to the beach.  With busy lives, although we may long for the exfoliation of the sand on our skin, it really isn’t a realistic weekly occurrence in all of our lives.  That’s where the at home pedicure comes in.  Over the course of this week I’m first going to review some of my favourite pedicure products, then I’m going to show you how to achieve the perfect at home pedicure and I’m also going to share with you some of my favourite pedicure nail polish shades.

Today, I thought I’d start with a review of some foot accessories from Dirty Works which are all available to buy in store and online from Sainsbury’s.  If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I’m a fan of Dirty Works products.  I think they’re a great budget buy that really rival the top brands products.  You can check out their full range of products here.

Dirty Works Sole Sister Foot Scrub, Toenail Clipper and Smoothing Foot File

Dirty Works
Sole Sister Foot Scrub

Dirty Works Sole Sister Foot Scrub, £2.99 for 100ml from Sainsbury’s

So we’ve established that we can’t all spend our days strolling along the beach, gently exfoliating our feet in the sand.  So that’s where the Sole Sister Foot Scrub from Dirty Works comes in.  It’s a mint scented foot scrub packed tightly with lots of quite finely ground pumice.  It provides a quick and simple yet effective way to exfoliate your feet and relieve them of hard skin, requiring minimal effort.  Whether you enjoy this as a weekly foot spa treat or as a part of your bath time routine, Sole Sister Foot Scrub is the easiest way to keep your feet in flip flop ready condition.  It’s also a great way to prepare for tanning too.  Many people struggle to get their fake tan to sit right on their feet and loads of girls experience the dreaded orange feet when they tan where the fake tan has clung to the hard skin on their feet.  Our feet are one of the areas of our body with the most dry and hard skin.  Exfoliating and moisturising regularly can make applying false tan so much easier as the skin around the feet will much more supple and soft and will result in a more even tan.

The Dirty Works Sole Sister Foot Scrub is pretty abrasive and can be used with as much or as little pressure as you like.  After the first use, my skin felt much smoother on my feet and also on my hands as obviously I’d used them to apply the product.  I keep Sole Sister in my bathroom and use it whenever I’m in the bath just before I get out after my soak, I run the majority of the water out of the bath, then massage a dollop of the foot scrub into my feet focusing on my rough areas like the balls of my feet and heels.  I also use it when I do my fortnightly pedicure which I’ll show you later in the week.   After repeated use of the foot scrub my feet feel smooth and soft without feeling greasy or having an oily coating on them.  Of course if the skin on your feet is particularly hard, dry or cracked, like mine tend to get, then using this alone won’t work wonders overnight.  Instead, I’d recommend using it in conjunction with a foot file.  I’ve being trying out this fantastic one from Dirty Works.

Dirty Works
Smoothing Foot File

Dirty Works Smoothing Foot File, £5.99 from Sainsbury’s

Hand on heart, this is the best foot file I’ve ever used.  I suffer really badly from dry, hard and often cracked skin on my feet and if I don’t keep on top of it then my feet can end up in a right state.  Particularly in the summer when I’m constantly wearing flip flops and especially when on holiday when the ground is very dry.  This foot file effortlessly files away the dry, hard skin on my feet and buffs them up to feel smooth.

The Smoothing Foot File from Dirty Works has two sides, one rough side for getting right of very hard, suborn skin and a smoother side for buffing up the skin and giving it a smoother finish.  I find both sides work in harmony with each other, particularly if you have dry cracked, flaky heels.  I use the rough side to take the bulk of the hard skin off my feet then use the smoother side to smooth over the cracks so that the flaky skin doesn’t catch on other clothing, socks and carpet.

You can use the foot file as directed, after your feet have been soaked in warm water however I find it to be most effective on very dry or hard skin when the feet are dry.  When used on dry skin, you can literally see the hard skin be filed away and I find this provides a smoother finish.  It works really quickly this way too.  I haven’t got the time to spend hours on my feet so I like quick fix products that work and last and this is one of those accessories that really does what it claims to do.  I’m really so impressed with this foot file it has worked wonders for my feet.  if you have dry, cracked or hard skin on your feet then you need this foot file!

Dirty Works

Toenail Clippers

Dirty Works Toenail Clippers, £2.49 from Sainsbury’s

The Dirty Works Toenail Clippers are a precise, quick way to neatly shape toenails  and tidy them up ready for polish.  They’re easy to hold, strong, durable and sharp enough to cut even the thickest and hardest of toenails.  They can be used when your nails are dry or after soaking them to soften them.  When clipping your toenails it’s best to cut them straight across as cutting down into the corners to round them off can lead to ingrown toenails.  After clipping you can leave your toenails as they are or smooth them off with a nail file.

I’ll show you how I use all of these products in my pedicure routine in a post very soon!

What are your favourite foot care products?

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    Ooh, I think I'll be getting that foot file. I struggle to keep my footsies ship-shape and need all the help I can get. xo

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