Four Big Projects To Turn Your House Into Your Dream Home


When looking at how to update or renovate your home, you’ll find loads of information on small projects that you can either do yourself or employ someone to do for little cost which will increase the value of your house. However, sometimes your home needs a big project, and if you’ve got the money and the resources to do it, then you could turn your house into your dream house without having to move. So, what are the top big projects you can do to your home, and how should you go about doing them?


Building a conservatory onto your house is a great idea, and if you know anyone who already has one, you’ll find that lot of people practically “live” in theirs. So, if you’re wondering whether it’ll be worth the time and the money, this shows that they really are. Gone are the days when conservatories were too cold to enjoy during the winter and just something you could enjoy during the summer months. Now, with decent double glazing installation they can be used all year round, giving you extra space for your family, providing you somewhere to entertain guests, somewhere else to watch TV or simply more room for the kids to play. Then, of course, you have the added benefits of the summer months and sitting in there to enjoy the glorious weather and watch the kids play in the garden.

To get a conservatory, first of all, you need the space in your garden for it to fit and if you don’t have that, then you’ll have to wait until you get a bigger house. But if you do have it, don’t worry about being left with a small garden, you’ll be surprised because with an intelligent design, the professionals really can make the best use of your space and you don’t have to lose much garden at all, or it certainly won’t look that way.

So, if you’ve got the space and you’ve got the money, and you like the idea of a conservatory, then the next thing to do is to start researching companies and having a look at options. Of course, you can do an online search, but going out and having a look at them is the best way to get an idea of what you want. There are many shows and exhibitions on at this time of year where you’ll find experts to talk to, and it’s an excellent idea to take a photo of your house and your garden and take some measurements as well to give them the best possible view of what you can get. They will then arrange to come round and have a look and these days will be able to do a mockup for you online so you can get an idea before you commit to anything. The joys of technology, hey?


Again, to be able to do this, you need to have cellars already, so if you don’t, then there’s not a lot you can do. You’ll need an expert round to check on things like damp and the structure of the house to check you’ll be able to do it, and then once you know, you can start looking at what to with it. Some people like to convert their cellar into a gym or somewhere where their teenagers can hang out without disturbing them, but others transform them, so they are just another floor of the house – you wouldn’t even consider it a cellar. You could turn it into the first floor of your home, the one with the kitchen, you could have a breakfast room and a social area. Then there’s more room on the “real” ground floor to play with. Perhaps you have an au pair or a relative who lives with you and needs their own space, or you want to make some extra money by getting a lodger in, if it’s big enough, you could turn your cellar into a studio apartment with its own bathroom and bedroom. In some houses, the basement has it’s private entrance too so this would be even better. There are many things you can do with this space if you want to you could also go all out and even have a wine cellar.


Similarly, if you have and loft or attic area then the ideas for the cellar often translate, although you probably wouldn’t want your kitchen in the attic. You could still have a studio flat, extra bedrooms, a study, a gym, or a teenager’s hangout area in an attic. Again you’ll need the experts in to check that it can be done and ask them if you can get plumbing up there if you want to put a bathroom or toilet in.

With both the attic and the cellars, designs are so advanced now that it can seamlessly fit into your house and look like it was already there. With some cleverly placed stairs, it won’t look like an “extension” or an add on; it will fit in perfectly and give you more space.


Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house, and when selling it, it is something that buyers look at first. A beautiful, new kitchen is one of the most attractive things. Now, this isn’t about selling your home but making it right for you and having a kitchen that you love is very important. Open plan kitchens, islands, and breakfast bars are trendy now, and that is because kitchens are no longer the place where the lady of the house locks herself away cooking all day until she comes out to serve everyone. Kitchens are friendly, everyone chips in and helps with the dinner; kids do their homework while Mum’s cooking, people come over for a chat and sit in the kitchen and at parties, the kitchen is the place to be. So if you want your house to feel like new, then the kitchen is the thing you want to change first.

With any of these changes you will need to check if you need planning permission and always get the experts in, see a few if you need to to compare quotes and ideas to make sure you get something you’re happy with.

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