Fragrance of the Month: February 2011 Edition

Far Away by Avon

Far Away is an oriental fragrance with exotic floral notes and hints of sandalwood. With this bottle being an eau de parfum it lasts all day on the body, unlike some cheaper fragrances that wear off after a few hours.  This scent has become a firm favourite of mine to wear during the daytime.  The glass bottle is hard wearing so it is perfect for throwing in my bag on my way to work.  The packaging of the perfume doesn’t feel cheap at all and Far Away as a product has a distinctive design that is instantly recognisable to a lot of people.  Although I’ve been wearing Far Away during the day, it’s seductive, sexy scent is perfect for evening wear too.

Far Away has been around for years and is Avon’s Number 1 fragrance.  I always remember that when I was younger my mam used to wear Far Away perfume by Avon.  She had the set, from the perfume down to the skin softener and she still uses it today as her daytime fragrance, saving her Miss Dior by Christian Dior for the evening.  I spotted a bottle of it on her dresser before Christmas and asked her to get me a bottle when she next saw the ‘Avon Lady’ at work, as I always loved it when I was in my teens.  I thought she had forgotten about it but on Christmas morning I unwrapped a little present and inside was a bottle of the Far Away eau de parfum.  I always talk about layering scents, Im a big fan of scented lotions and potions to match my fragrance as using these to ‘layer’ the scent helps it to last longer.  Avon have created a whole range of Far Away products which can be used for this purpose.  Far Away comes as a perfume, a body spray, roll on, bath and shower gel, shimmering body powder and skin softener.


I’ve been wearing Far Away a lot this month, especially at work and it seems to be a signature scent for a lot of people, perhaps because it is so affordable and has an instantly recognisable smell.  Since I’ve been wearing this perfume, so many people have asked me if it is Far Away and have said that they love it too.

This is the only Avon scent that I have owned myself but I’ve smelt samples of a few of their other fragrances and I’m actually really impressed.  I am normally a bit funny about buying fragrances without smelling them first as in my eyes, its a disaster waiting to happen, but the Avon catalogues often have scented pages which are a very true likeness of the smell of the perfume so I think I can buy in confidence out of the catalogue, or online after having a smell of the book!

You can buy Far Away out of the Avon catalogue from any Avon Representative or from

Have you tried Far Away? What about any other fragrances by Avon?  Would you buy a perfume without smelling it first?


  1. Leanne Marie
    February 27, 2011 / 9:29 pm

    Both my sisters and Mum wear this perfume! I love it too but I dont want us all to smell the same! lol The more I smell it though I do think about getting myself a bottle. My mum is an Avon rep so I can get it really easily! xx

  2. Mim
    February 27, 2011 / 10:06 pm

    I have this! Mine was a present from my aunty on my 18th Birthday. I used to wear it ALOT in the beginning but sadly over the years mine has been lost and forgotten about somewhere in my darkened wardrobe, but after reading your amazing post I'm more than tempted to make it my daywear fragrance again! Have you tried Outspoken by Fergie for Avon? I absolute adore my bottle!

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