Fragrance of the Month: October 2010 Edition

My favourite fragrance this month is Couture Couture by Juicy Couture.

Couture Couture by Juicy Couture

Ive lusted after this scent for a couple of months now.  I first smelt this fragrance back in August when i was in the airport going to Turkey and after a few not so subtle hints, it was wrapped up with my birthday presents at the end of September.  So this is the perfume ive been wearing all this month and its gorgeous!

This perfume is consistently described as an ‘it’ girl fragrance and it certainly is. Its a fun, flirty and playful scent that I feel just as comfortable wearing during the day as I do going out on a night.  Ive received LOADS of compliments when ive been wearing it, even from people who I dont know at work who’ve walked past me and gone ‘ooh whats that you’re wearing? its gorgeous!’  The only problem is when people ask you such questions as a reply of ‘Couture Couture by Juicy Couture’ rolls quite oddly off the tongue!

Since this perfume is largely described as an oriental floral scent aka ‘Florental’, its not something i would usually go for but I absolutely love it.  Theres so many different layers to this scent and it lasts for ages on the skin, although not quite all day so I have found myself popping it in my bag (yes, i know its a big bottle, ill have to get the 30ml version too!) to make sure im smelling suitably beautiful all day long!

Top Notes: mandarin, orange flower and grapefruit.

Heart/Middle Notes: Jasmine, plum and honeysuckle.

Base Notes: amber, sandlewood and vanilla.

My Fave October Fragrance

The packaging of this perfume is absolutely lush.  The box is in true Juicy Couture style.  The glass bottle is quite vintage with a gorgeously detailed gold lid.  The pink zip detailing adds a little bit of a punk twist whilst the crown ‘J’ and love charm hanging off keep it girly and pretty. 

I got the 100ml bottle, but it also comes in a 30ml (ideal for your handbag) and 50ml.  With an RRP of £65 it is a little pricey but sooooo worth it, although it might be a good idea to try it out in a shop first to make sure you like it before impulse buying it off the internet!  I’ve found one on The Perfume Shop website for £64.50… buy it here.

All in all this perfume is sweet but strong and the ideal perfume for Autumn.  Id highly recommend giving it a sniff!

Have you tried this fragrance? Any others you’d recommend me to try this Autumn?

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