Fun Renovation Ideas for Kids’ Bedrooms

Revamping a kid’s bedroom is no walk in the park. If they are at the age where they want their room to look a certain way, you can have serious differences of opinion. However, even if you disagree, as a parent, you should have a balanced and practical outlook. Most importantly, ensure that what you come up with takes care of your child’s current and future needs. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Have The Right Bed

Essentially, despite the bed’s primary purpose being sleep, you can not deter kids from doing other activities on it. With their ever-changing mood, you will see them studying or playing on the bed once in a while. With the bed being the bedroom’s centerpiece, this is a natural occurrence, so you must ensure that the mattress and bed frame is strong enough to handle those other activities. Consider treehouse bed for your child’s bedroom, which not only provide a comfortable sleeping space but also offer a playful and sturdy design that can accommodate a variety of activities, from reading to imaginative play.

Ensure that the bedding is also colourful, soft, and has a cozy feel. Kids love cuddly things. Use some soft blankets or a stuffed pillow that adds extra warmth. A foam mattress may not be ideal for them at that age, so an innerspring mattress may be the best choice since they do not have to worry about pressure points or back support. With such enhancements, your kids will not struggle much when bedtime.

2. Add Playful Elements

Childhood is an essential part of one’s growth, and incorporating play into it is one way to enhance it. The bedroom offers the best space for kids to explore their creativity uninterruptedly. There are numerous additions that you can make that inspire your kids’ imagination, and some of these include:

● Display fun artwork – choose those with colours and patterns that motivate them to workaround

● Have a small playroom, den, or play area segregated for them. These do not have to be permanent 

● Add a chalkboard wall

Whichever style you choose, ensure that it’s added with an age consideration.

3. Add Lots of Storage

It is essential to keep everything organised. It’s easy to have a visually cluttered room with toys, books, clothes, and furniture which they constantly use. This also allows you to instil accountability in your kids if they have storage options. 

Whenever they hear the words, “clean your room,” it should never bring in stressful thoughts since they already know where to keep their stuff. Here are some storage options:

● Wall shelves

● Under the bed storage crates

● Cubed shelving system

● Hooks for hanging coats

● Pegboards for organising artwork

4. Get Good Lights

For any room, lights are an essential element. While you want to add more natural light into your children’s room to boost their mood, you can also spice it up by adding decorative lighting that triggers their creativity. Identify the focal point of the room where you can add a soft-white overhead bulb. 

It is easy to get fixtures that look good to the eyes but expose your kids to harsh light glare. Consider using window treatments like blinds or draperies, which are great light filters that your kids can easily adjust to their liking. The window treatments should also maintain good air circulation across the room.

5. Choose Vibrant Colours

Children love being in spaces with vibrant colours. It is no wonder that you will find most nurseries painted pink or baby blue. There are several ways to add color to their room:

1. Seating space

A vibrant table set with colourful chairs adds a great color pop to their bedroom if space allows. Here, they have the freedom and socialisation space to interact with their friends or siblings. While at it, they use the seating to either play, have a chat, or share snacks. 

2. Statement Ceiling

The ceiling is mostly the first place where they look up when they wake up. Instead of using wallpaper on all the walls, the ceiling would be the best place to add that extra color pattern that your kids can enjoy whenever they look up. Choose a color pattern that easily blends in with the bedding design to prevent a mismatch. 

3. Use Murals

Unlike the wallpapers, give a chance to your child to feel that they have their unique space, which they grow to love. It will be good to question your child about their preferred choice of the mural. 

Most kids will pick murals from Disney’s favourite cartoon characters, like Mickey Mouse, Sofia the First, etc. Based on your kid’s likes, it would be ideal to have a mural that reflects something they love or one that makes them feel calm but energetic at the same time. 

It is not hard to give your kids the space that they need. Above all, ensure that everything is correctly arranged and seamlessly fits into the room to avoid a crowded look or feel. Let your kids enjoy their small little space by taking some risks while having fun.

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