Fun Ways To Upgrade Your Beauty Room This Month


A makeup room or a makeup station is one of those bucket list items many of us want in our homes. If you are a lover of beauty and all things makeup – having a dedicated space to apply it is the dream and it can make your experience so much more fun every single day.

Consider creating your own makeup room this year and use some of these simple tips to help you spruce it up and make it look and feel like a glamorous dressing room. Enjoy creating some amazing looks in your makeup room and have fun being creative with your style. 

Have plenty of storage 

The first thing you need have in a makeup room is a lot of storage. You’ll need a space to hold all of your brushes, eye shadow palettes, creams, lipsticks and more in one place. Consider a set of drawers that will keep everything looking tidy and hidden away as sometimes having everything on display can make the room look cluttered and chaotic. 

Add string lights to the mirror

A mirror such as those from HD Mirrors really opens up the space and is essential for enabling you to create your best makeup looks.  If you have a mirror already hung up for your makeup needs – now is the time to vamp it up with a simple set of string lights. Adding a set of string lights around your mirror in a bright white will not only illuminate your face and make it easier for you to see but it will also make the mirror look more classy and elegant. It will be a cheap feature to add but will make a big impact on the room immediately. 

Use a dolly for your makeup drawers 

When looking for the perfect setup for your makeup drawers or your hair products – consider adding a wheeled dolly from Evo Supplies underneath the drawers so that you can wheel it around while you do your makeup and hair. Think of the convenience of a hairdresser’s mobile dolly and use this to create one for yourself that will help you to move everything where you want it as you work. 

Organise makeup supplies by colour 

If you have some items of makeup such as lipstick or nail varnish displayed open facing – why not make it look even better by organising it all by colour? By organising your makeup in colour order you’ll be able to create a stunning display for your supplies and it will offset the whole room nicely. 

Declutter and streamline your supplies 

The hardest thing to do as a makeup lover is to get rid of items we don’t use. There is no point having a pile of eye shadow palettes cluttering up your space if you only use one or two of them. When revamping your makeup room be sure to declutter your makeup and other cosmetic items and make for a much brighter and tidier space. It will make all the difference and will allow you to enjoy your beauty experience even more! 

Use these ideas to spruce up your makeup room this spring for the better.

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