Give Your Bedroom An Update

As a homeowner or renter, you’ll know all about customising the space you live in.  It’s not just a building that shelters you and keeps you warm; it’s more than just four walls and a pretty roof!  As humans, we like things to be different.  We don’t like the idea of having the exact same thing as the person next to us – we need to stand out from the crowd somehow. 

A big part of the house is the bedroom.  A lot happens in this bad boy but most importantly, it’s the place where we get our beauty sleep and rest so it needs to be a relaxing space.  I think it’s really important that the bedroom should feel calming, luxurious and a place that you enjoy being in.  Here are a few ideas to improve your own bedroom:


If you want to improve how well you sleep then I couldn’t recommend black out blinds more highly.  I had them in my last bedroom and I am really missing them in my new home.  Once I’ve saved up enough money, replacing the blinds is definitely one of the first things I’m going to do!  There are loads of different designs and colours available but I’m sure I’ll end up going for grey or white.


You can obviously personalise your home in any way you’d like, but adding colours that you love is definitely one way to make you smile whenever you enter your bedroom.  Personally for me though, I’d suggest sticking to quite a neutral, calming colour palette as I find it more relaxing that way.  Natural tones or whites and greys look beautiful in a bedroom and create a really calming atmosphere.


If you’re going for a neutral colour palette in your bedroom then combine different textures and add a metallic as an accent.  I always find that this is a great way to add interest and style to a room without having to rely on heavy patterns or bold colours.


There’s nothing quite like having convenient pieces of furniture in your home.  The wardrobe is pretty important, especially if you have as many clothes as I do but in all seriousness, I feel so much more calm and collected when everything is behind a closed cupboard door and in order.  A wardrobe needs to look good and do its job properly.  Perhaps inputting some Sliding Wardrobe Doors might make things a lot more attractive and convenient in your bedroom and they’ll take up less space too.


Darkness is quite cool sometimes, but you’ll want your bedroom to be lit up at much as possible. Obviously, we mentioned the sunlight and the curtains earlier, but when the evening hits, you’ll need to do something about it – and the light you have already might not be enough. Maybe spreading some extra lights around the room might do the job. It’ll not only help things out in terms of function, but it’ll look pretty, too.


If you have the budget and the space then I would highly recommend an en suite bathroom.  Even the most basic ones scream luxury and they’re so convenient.  Even though I could live without one if we move again, I wouldn’t want to now!

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