Giving Your Kitchen a Traditional Touch

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You can design your kitchen to include many different design concepts and styles. Whether you like Scandi interiors or you prefer dark and industrial, there are lots of options to explore. But some people feel like modern kitchen styles aren’t exactly to their taste. Making things a little more traditional can be a great way to create a kitchen that you love. You can still give your kitchen a timeless look that’s contemporary but also has a strong traditional influence. Take a look at the following ideas if you’re looking for ways to make your kitchen look traditional without being outdated.

Choose the Right Cabinet Style

Your choice of style for your cupboards or cabinets can make a big difference if you want a traditional look for your kitchen. Some styles look much more traditional than others. A shaker style is ideal if you’re going for a traditional look. It’s a minimalist design that has a centre panel and an overlay around the edge. Although it keeps things simple, it has a lot of impact. You can also choose your handles carefully too if you want to get the right look. Consider some brass or copper handles if you want something traditional that still has a timeless style.

Install an AGA

The ultimate feature of a traditional kitchen has to be a range cooker. Of course, the big name here is AGA, but they’re not your only option. There are various other brands, with different designs and fuel options to choose from. Some are electric, some are gas-powered, and some require home heating oil tanks to keep them going. You can even choose one that runs on wood or wood pellets if you want to go really traditional. Not only do these ovens look amazing, but they can help to heat your home, and many people swear by them for cooking.

Image from Pixabay – CC0 License

Get a Traditional Sink

The right sink style can really give your kitchen the traditional look that you want. Instead of a boring stainless steel sink, you should consider going for something with a little more character. A ceramic sink looks great and can give your kitchen a lot more personality. Consider a style like a Belfast or Butler sink, otherwise known as an apron or farmhouse sink. This type of large sink has a lot of impact, and you can find round or rectangular options.

Use Natural Stone and Tiling

The materials that you use in your kitchen can help to give it a more traditional look and feel too. Using materials like natural stone, tiles and hardwood can create the traditional kitchen style that you want. Consider a natural stone floor or use tiling on the walls to make your kitchen look older than it is. Wooden worktops or other surfaces could add to the natural feel of the room too, helping to make it more traditional.

If you want your kitchen to have a traditional look, focus on giving it some key features that create the right style.

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