Glamoriser Straight and Smooth Speed Brush Review

Glamoriser Review

When Glamoriser asked me if they could send me a press sample of their Straight and Smooth Speed Brush to try out, I said yes purely out of intrigue.  I’d seen another brand create something similar and while I loved the idea of it, I couldn’t justify the high price point & I was unsure as to whether something like this would work anyway.

Sure enough, it arrived and I tested it out on my IGTV thinking that I was going to need time to get to grips with it.  If any of you watched that video then you’ll know how blown away I was.  This product is fantastic, I couldn’t keep my excitement in and I love that so many of you messaged throughout the week that followed with pictures and mini reviews of the brush after buying it for yourselves.

The Glamoriser Straight and Smooth Speed Brush glides through the hair with the ease of a hairbrush but straightens and smooths the hair as it goes, like a straightener.  It is so easy to use and very quick.  I love that I can get right to the ends of my hair and create shape and I love that my hair stays pretty straight for the next day so I only need to quickly go over it.

The wide paddle brush enables you to take big sections of hair, making the process quicker.  I’ve tried using it on various thicknesses of sections and I’m really impressed with how it works consistently.

The brush heats up from 80^C to 210^C so you can adjust the temperate depending on your hair type.  I use it on the highest seen as though I have a lot of hair extensions in but when I come to use this on my natural hair, I’ll take the temperature down.  It shuts off after an hour too so there’s no need to worry about whether you’ve left it on when you leave the house- that fear is real!

You get a heat resistant travel pouch & mat with it which is great for storage, protecting your surfaces & of course, for when you’re travelling.

I love how my hair looks & feels after using this brush; smooth, sleek & with a healthy sheen.

If you’ve been thinking about getting one of these brushes, this one is incredible quality with fantastic results & I couldn’t recommend it more highly!

You can shop the Glamoriser Straight and Smooth Speed Brush here and see it in action on my IGTV here!

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