Glasses Trends For 2019-2020

Do you wear glasses?  Are you looking to purchase a new pair?  Eyeglasses are worn for prescription and beauty by men and women all over the world and theres a huge choice available, determined by the prescribed features, your personal taste, and the shape of your face.  From the classic to the advanced designs of glasses, you will always get a unique pair to suit your budget.

For many, glasses are worn daily so its really important that they’re comfortable to wear and a style that you love.  Doing your research online before buying is a really good ideas as you can see the 2019/2020 trends all in one place which can help you to select a fashionable, elegant and durable pair.

Here are some of the top trends for the coming year.


  • Brown has been quite popular in 2019, and remains trendy in 2020, though the choice of colour depends on personal bias. Brown matches with most outfits to give you an elegant look.
  • Shiny Cat-eye brownline glasses – Sample the unique classic feel.
  • Elegant Tortoise-shell Glasses
  • Modern-prints Eyeglasses
  • Clear Transparent Framed Glasses
  • Leopard-print Eyeglasses
  • Gold Metal Eyeglasses
  • Vintage Nude Frames – Beige, light brown, and caramel


  • The 60s Vibes – This is a timeless and versatile variant that serves you efficiently in winter and autumn. Solve the problem of having to buy glasses every season.
  • Windsor Eyeglasses – These are renowned, and suitable for customers of all ages and gender. You can choose from the look alike, the half rim, and many other stylish patterns.
  • The XL Views and Sporty Aviators – They come handy in fashionable designs that are durable.
  • Slim Rectangular & Oval Tiny Glasses – Ideal for you when reading.
  • Classic Hipster Black-rimmed Glasses
  • Statement & Bedazzled Eyeglasses
  • The 70s & 80s Oversize Square Glasses


  • Thin Lightweight Metal Glasses – These glasses are popular and durable.
  • Clear Plastic Frames – These are meticulous and transparent. You can have them for a change of style from the common glasses.


  • Hazel Barbled Acetate Glasses
  • Watson Round Glasses
  • Keen Frame Eyeglasses


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