Gucci by Gucci

Gucci by Gucci is one of my most adored fragrances.  I first received this as a gift for my 21st birthday and have loved it ever since.  Its sexy, feminine and alluring.  If you know the type of perfumes that I like, then you’ll know that this scent is very typically me- strong, powerful and musky.  It oozes affluence, warmth and class, it’s just gorgeous.  I think it is quite a complex fragrance and I haven’t smelled any other perfumes that I can liken it to.  The top notes of guava and pear make it distinctly unique and powerful, at the heart is the rich and sensual Tahitian Tiare Flower and the base notes, which combine to make it a distinctive, strong scent, are my favourite musk, honey and patchouli.  Characteristically, I think this airs more on the side of being an evening fragrance but I like to wear it day and night.  There is an eau de toilette version of this fragrance however I much prefer the eau de parfum as I don’t find the fragrance too long lasting.  I usually get about 3 hours of wear out of it before I feel as though I need to reapply, I do like my perfume to be strong though and to create a lasting impression… you can certainly smell me before you see me!  Lots of people ask me which perfume I’m wearing when I have this on, its up there with the Molecule 01 for the number of times I get asked what I’m wearing.

Not only is Gucci by Gucci an alluring fragrance, the packaging of the perfume is beautiful too; it really encompasses Gucci’s signature style.  The bottle features the infamous horsebit which is synonymous with Gucci having first been incorporated into their designs in the 1950’s.

Gucci by Gucci is available from all the major perfume counters and online.  I bought this particular one in The Perfume Shop for £71.50 for the 75ml eau de parfum.

What is your favourite Gucci fragrance?

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