Is the Guess My Age App a Harmless Bit of Fun?

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We live in a world where so many people seem to be on the endless quest for eternal youth.  Don’t get me wrong, if you read my blog then you’ll know that I love my skincare and like to at least try to keep my skin looking youthful but some people are obsessed with looking younger and take it to the extremes.  Theres a new app that as launched that guesses your age and I’m wondering if it could be potentially damaging to a person’s self-esteem.

I’d definitely say that I’m part of the #selfie generation, every time I load up Instagram (usually to upload my own selfie!) I’m greeted with so many selfies of my friends.  So many people use editing software and filters to change the way they look so I definitely think that the new app that claims to guess your age will become very popular, very quickly!  However is it all just for fun or can this kind of app make people even
more conscious of how they look?

Most people like to look their best and who
doesn’t want to be believe they look younger than their years?We all want to feel good about ourselves inside and out and to
feel fresh and youthful, so can a bad result from a guess your age app actually
cause quite a lot of damage to not only your self esteem but also your perception of

The new app that claims to guess your age from
your photographs or selfies uses a facial recognition technique as well as
other data to make a guess of your age and gender.

According to the app, I look 12 here..!

Unfortunately the majority of the time the App
gets it very wrong. It is either extremely flattering or ridiculously over
estimates the user’s age.  I have downloaded the Guess My Age app myself (its free) and found that on a no makeup selfie, it put my age at 12, on a general day one it guessed me as being 25, both of which are younger than my age but on a photo where I’m going on a night out with full makeup on, it put me at 32!  I suppose its quite fun to begin with, especially if playing with friends to see who gets the youngest and oldest age but it could have a negative impact on those who are sensitive about their age and how they look.

Social media has gone crazy over the App,
posting some badly guessed ages of celebrities. A great example of the
randomness of the apps guesses was a twitter post that showed a picture of 4
baby dolls. The app guessed the 4 baby dolls ages between aged 2 and aged 4.

According to the app, I look 25 here. I’m 26 so its not too far off!

While it may be considered fun, and while we
love to think that age is just a number, when your age is very badly over
guessed by a supposedly highly-intelligent app it can lead to more than a few
hurt egos. Many people have already worried that the app has suggested that
they look much older than they are.
incorrect outcome from the App could potential lead someone to look at themselves in a negative way and start to think about options as to how to make
them look and feel younger, perhaps resorting to drastic facial surgery.

Obviously Apps go through constant
development, and it has been advised that these age guessing apps are
continuing to learn as they are being used. However it has been suggested that
the Apps may actually just select an age at random, meaning all those insulted
people may actually just be part of a potentially damaging experiment fuelled
by the media who glamorise the lives of the young, rich and famous and revel in
pointing out any flaws of the young, rich and famous.

According to the app, I look 32 here… slightly insulted!!

I’m a big believer that the quality of your skin is a big giveaway as to how old you are.  If you are interested to find out how old you look, your skin can be a tell tale sign but it can also make you look older than you are depending on how much hyaluronic acid is in your skin as this starts to decrease from your mid twenties.

There are ways to get an accurate report of your skins condition
and the current state of your face.  One such way is through the use of a Visia
Skin Analysis Machine.

The Visia Skin Analysis Machine records and
measures the surface and sub surface of the skin, and provides a complete data
set available for identifying sun damage.

Beyond Beauty Cosmetic is one of only a few
clinics in the UK to own a Visia Skin Analysis machine and offer a free skin
consultation. Details can be found here:

When you’re more familiar with your skin type and your skins needs, I think that the next step is to find a skincare routine that is targeted for that particular skin type and age.  I review lots of skincare products on my blog so you could always have a look at those to see if there’s anything that you might find suitable.

There are plenty of beauty treatments out there to help you as well, should you wish although a solid skincare routine is what is most important to achieve first of all, in my opinion.  Beyond
Beauty Cosmetic
offer a wide
range of non-surgical treatments that can help to rejuvenate your looks and restore a
youthful looking glow to your skin.  They also offer a wide range of treatments
to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as lip fillers if you want to achieve that Kylie Jenner pout and a wide variety
of dermal fillers. All of the surgeons at Beyond Beauty Cosmetics are fully UK
trained and regulated so you can be confident that you are in safe hands.  As always, it is best to do as much research as you can before going ahead with any procedure or treatment and remember that beauty on the inside is more important than on the outside.

Hope you’re all well and looking forward to a great weekend, let me know what plans you have in the comments!

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