Guide To Looking Chic While Traveling In The UK

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Have you ever wondered what you would buy if you won the lottery jackpot? For most people, travel is near the top of the list. When you suddenly find yourself with a lot of money, dressing chic is mandatory for a vacation. 

Wealthy people wear trending, high-quality clothing that is easy to carry. Clothing must be able to dress down for casual events and dressed up for more formal occasions.

Fashion Considerations

Some fabrics are easy to travel with, and some are not. It is important to find styles that suit your tastes and are easy to maintain when placed in travel bags. There is an old saying, “Money talks, wealth whispers.” Here are two examples:

● People with “new” money often wear name-brand clothing, shoes, and accessories. This shouts, “I can afford the latest fashion!

Wealthy people refuse to be a walking billboard or a marketing tool for anyone. You won’t see a person of wealth with a brand logo all over their jackets, shoes, or handbags.

● A person who comes into a windfall may wear the largest watch in the display case. This is simply to draw attention.

A person of wealth may wear a Rolex, but it will be well-proportioned to look understated and chic.

This is a lovely woman wearing black pants and a fashionable silver top.

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A person of wealth never wears clothing made of cheap fabric. They are low quality and do not last only a short time. They may look trendy but scream “cheap.” Instead, they travel with clothing made from natural fabrics. They are sustainable and easily altered into a different style when the fashion changes. Fabric choices to consider include:

● Tweed

● Cotton

● Wool

● Cashmere

● Silk

● Linen

You will never see a rich person wearing patent leather. They only wear real leather and have their shoes and handbags professionally cleaned, inspected, and repaired annually.

This photo is of a woman who is dressed elegantly but comfortably.

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While traveling, what you wear on the plane is important. It is possible to be comfortable while looking like a person of class. Our opinion of a perfect outfit to wear on an airplane consists of the following:

● A loose button-down shirt made of linen. 

○ A fitted tee, crop top, or tank top under the shirt is great if you want to wear the shirt open.

● Loose fitting pants

○ Do not wear leggings, sweatpants, or pants that are loose because they do not fit you properly.

● A scarf

○ Whether you wear it or tie it to your handbag or carry-on, a scarf can complement your outfit, and you can use it to drape over you if the plane is cool.

● Flats or tennis shoes made of leather. Sandals are acceptable if they are leather and comfortable for long distances. 

● Keep jewelry to a minimum. Wealthy people dress in an unstated fashion while traveling.

● Depending upon your destination, a jacket may be required. Consider layering your clothing so your jacket can be a lightweight one. 


Mix and Match

The weather in the UK can be notoriously unpredictable, and it is always best to pack a few different layers of clothing. Again, wealthy people are known for being minimalists. With that in mind, be selective with the items you take. This is a great way to avoid overpacking and still have many outfit options. Here are some tips:

● Take neutral colors that can easily match other colors.

● White button-down shirts are a must. They can be worn with pants, jeans, skirts, and under a sweater for casual wear or with a dark blue blazer for a business meeting.

● Dark denim jeans look rich and go with everything.

● A little black dress. 

Take a few pieces of jewelry. Note rich people do not wear their authentic jewelry while traveling. They have imitation duplicates made of their famous jewelry or buy quality costume jewelry. The fear of losing a piece that means a lot to you or being robbed is understandable. If you take or purchase jewelry of worth, have it locked in the hotel safe. 

To compliment your mix-and-match wardrobe, take:

● A pearl necklace and earrings for your dress 

○ This will look elegant for any formal occasion

● A long necklace that has a removable charm. 

○ This allows you to wear it long with your casual tops or to remove the charm and double the chain for a more dressy look.

● A few pairs of simple earrings.

● A copy of your wedding rings


Maybe you will someday with the lottery. You may inherit a lot of money. You may sell a business or win a lawsuit. Eventually, you could find yourself with a lot of money. If you do, you will want to travel. Walk through any airport, and you can tell who is an experienced traveler and who isn’t.

But you don’t have to wait. Start building your wardrobe now. Buy one piece at a time, and soon you will look like a lottery winner and a person of success. Make it your goal to develop an understated and chic wardrobe, and dress like a millionaire now. 

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