Guide to minimalist kitchen design

With renewed focus on utility, efficiency and decluttering, it’s no wonder that there’s growing interest in minimalist kitchens. Not only do they offer a calm sanctuary away from the constant stimuli of the modern world, but they also increase the pleasure of cooking.

With a luxury fitted kitchen, everything you need has its own specific space. No longer will you have to look through countless drawers for that one utensil; minimalism means that there’s very little clutter to sort through! 

Here are just a few ways to achieve that minimalist kitchen design.

Overall design

As with all minimalist design, the objective is to create a space that is tranquil and calm. The kitchen is where much of the running of the home takes place, where people come for sustenance and comfort. Make the kitchen’s primary function as easy as possible with a clean, streamlined design that prioritises functionality and utility above all else.

That being said, you also want your kitchen to be aesthetically pleasing. Opt for elegant furniture that doesn’t make the space feel heavy and cluttered. Compliment this feeling of lightness with cooling neutral shades like creams, greys and stone.


It should come as no surprise that the décor should be kept to a minimum. Say goodbye to maximalist pieces and welcome in subtlety with carefully curated artworks that have beauty and purpose. 

Choose pieces that add texture to your minimalist space; greenery and plants are a great way to breathe life into your kitchen and add pops of colour that aren’t overwhelming and have natural appeal.

Fixtures and fittings

When it comes to choosing your furniture, the key is to find pieces that fit seamlessly with one another. Clean-lined, modern styles would be perfect for cabinets and drawers. Good quality materials like stainless steel will serve you well for years and also add an industrial vibe to the space.

You might also want to invest in a kitchen island if you plan on doing a lot of entertaining. Perfect if you want to have friends around for a chilled supper or a few drinks, an island offers endless opportunities for socialising, and is a favourite feature with keen cooks who need lots of space.


Storage is key if you want to keep clutter at bay. Invest in smart solutions like high cabinets for things you don’t use very often, hidden drawers and shelves that can be neatly tucked away, and floating shelves which can blend seamlessly with your wall design.

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