Hacks To Make Your Home Easy To Clean

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For most of us, cleaning is much more a necessity than a joy, even if in the moment it can sometimes be enjoyable to do.  Chances are, however, you are someone who would much prefer never to have to clean at all, if that were possible.  Most of us can’t afford to hire a regular cleaner (I certainly can’t, I did for a brief time at the start of the year but it was hard to maintain consistently!), nor would you necessarily want to, but you might want to make it so that your home is a little easier to keep clean in general.  The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do in order to instantly make your home easier to clean. In this posy I’m going to share some hacks that you can use, so that cleaning your home doesn’t ever have to be much of a hassle again.


One of the parts of the home that you are always going to have to keep clean is the floor, and that can actually be one of the hardest to keep clean too, for the simple reason that it is the main place where dust and dirt tends to collect as you’re walking on it all of the time.  The easier you can make it to clean your floor, therefore, the more likely it is that you will have a cleaner home in general. There are a few ways in which you can make it easier to clean your floor, but by far the best is to install wooden flooring in place of carpet. Wood flooring is easier because you can simply sweep up the dirt, whereas with carpet you never know what is hiding in there, and you might suffer the problem of having stains too. Wood flooring makes it so much easier and quicker to keep your floor clean – and when your floor is clean, the whole place feels cleaner, too.


Sometimes the best way to make your home easier to clean is to adopt an approach which means you don’t have much to clean up in the first place; go minimalist.  You’ll have much less clutter and your home, or flat in my case, will have a sense of spaciousness, and that will make the rooms so much easier to keep clean.  You might find this hard at first, especially if you are not quite used to it or are a hoarder but its definitely worth it.


One of the things I’ve found is that if everything I own has its own home within my home then it makes tidying a doddle because when I use something, I just return it to its home after I’ve used it.  I have my drawers organised so that I know exactly what is in them and know what goes where.  I have a basket for all of my wax melts and candles plus other things that go with those, I keep all of my pens and pencils together in a case, all of the spare buttons in a box within a draw, etc.  It’s so much easier to keep on top of everything that way and it feels as though I really enjoy and look after my things more this way.


If you always leave it until you have a lot of cleaning to do, then it can quickly become overwhelming.  However, if you make a point of always cleaning up as you go along in small and steady bursts, then your place will stay cleaner in general, and you will find it much less challenging to be able to keep it clean overall.  That is absolutely the best way to approach keeping your home perfectly clean in my opinion and its something that Al and I have tried to keep on top of from the start.  When we cook, we’ll tidy as we go and clear away our dishes before bed, wipe down the sides and pull all the cushions straight on the sofa so that everything looks clean and tidy, ready for the morning.

I’m not a natural home cleaner.  I love my home to look and feel clean but its not something that I enjoy doing myself as I don’t have a lot of spare time, so I have to really keep on top of it otherwise it just gets too overwhelming.  I’d love to hear your tips for cleaning and tidying too.  I’ve learnt so much from Mrs Hinch and the Hinching community on Instagram and I’m always keen to find out more hacks!

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