Happy Homes & Hygge!

Hygge is a Danish word which describes cosiness and being comfortable, often leading to feelings of contentment or well-being. It’s something that all of us should practice from time to time, life can get chaotic and so learning how to relax and unwind is essential. With a few changes to your home it can always be hygge- ready, and with the colder seasons on their way it’s the perfect time to go about it. 

Declutter and organise

A tidy home really is a happy home. It doesn’t have to look Pinterest perfect, but ensuring you have a place for everything means you’re not losing things and tidying up each day is really easy. Every now and again make the effort to declutter, donate or throw away things you don’t use and get rid of any rubbish that’s accumulated. Find good storage solutions for the things that you do use and love- drawer dividers, boxes, baskets and shelves are all possibilities. 



Is your decor looking a little shabby? Perhaps the wallpaper is peeling in places, maybe the paintwork is yellowing or the carpets might be thinning or fading from the sun. Decorating your home really can give it a new lease of life- a fresh coat of paint, some new wallpaper and/ or flooring can bring it back up to scratch. Consider using calming colours, you can always add a pop of an accent shade with your soft furnishings and accessories if you want to liven it up. Neutrals work well and you can easily update your accent colour when you get bored or rotate it by season. 


Invest in some new homeware

Speaking of soft furnishings and accessories, buying some new homeware is the perfect way to improve your homes hygge and cosy factor. A soft shaggy rug on the floor, fluffy throws, plush pillows and plants all make a property feel homely and comforting. Best of all you don’t need to spend much, a few changes here and there can make a huge difference. 


Set the ambiance

Finally, home isn’t just about the things you have in it but the way it makes you feel. Creating a sense of calm peacefulness will allow you to breathe a sigh of relief every time you walk through the door. You can achieve this with soft lighting- if you use smart bulbs it’s easy to adjust the brightness and even colour temperature with your phone or voice activated speaker. You could make it smell nice, use candles, air fresheners and wax burners in smells that bring back feelings of happiness and nostalgia. When the weather gets colder, light the fire or crank up the central heating so you feel really cosy and comforted. Enjoy some tv or a good book with a mug of hot chocolate and your pet by your side for instant autumn/ winter hygge.

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