Herschel Cypress iPad Sleeve Review

If you were particularly observant in my latest outfit post then you may have seen me carrying my new iPad case from My Bag.  It’s the gorgeous Cypress iPad Sleeve by Herschel, a brand synonymous for it’s attention to detail and timeless style.  I’ve often seen their backpacks which would be great for if I were still at school but I hadn’t seen their iPad cases before and I’ve got to say, I’m impressed!

The design is called woodland camo which is a classic army camouflage print.  Military prints are so fashionable and really are timeless as they are a trend that comes around time and time again.  This is very much a unisex design which is ideal for me and Mr WLL as it is great for me when I’m taking it out and about and also a suitable design for Mr WLL when he is taking the iPad to work… some how I can’t see something pink and floral fitting into his style and workplace!

The front and back covers have the gorgeous camouflage design and the front has the signature Herschel logo on it.  What I love about this iPad case is that not only does it look attractive but it protects my iPad too with its EVA-molded design and fully padded fleece interior.  The top of the lining is a gorgeous red and white stripe design which is a lovely contrast to the camo.

Usually I find that pretty cases equal poor protection but not this one- it feels solid, sturdy and has the added protection of an elasticated camo green closure to secure it closed.  The elasticated closure is reminiscent of vintage style notebooks and this style always reminds me of Moleskin notebooks!

To open the case you just pull the elastic to the side and slide out the iPad.

The case is a slim line design, measuring 10.25 inches in height by 8 inches wide, which is completely the correct size for my iPad however my device feels very snug inside the sleeve and I really have to pull it to get it out of the sleeve.  This is very reassuring as I know that my iPad isn’t just going to slide out and get damaged, it is very secure in this sleeve and well protected. 

The iPad sleeve is £30 and available from My Bag.  I think that this is a very reasonable price to protect such an expensive item.  I love that the case doesn’t add any bulk or take up too much space so I can just pop it in my bag and blog or use my apps whilst on the go.  I’m loving Netflix at the moment as I’ve just started to watch the Vampire Diaries series.

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