Hi-Tec Sierra Lite Walking Boots Review

Remember the unboxing of these walking boots that I posted back in August?  Well today’s the day I give you my true opinion on them now that I’ve had the chance to give them a thorough road test.

Hi-Tec Sierra Lite Walking Boots Review

From the outset I must confess that I’m not a pro walker, there’s no rocky mountains or vast fells in my path but I do walk around our local country park, reservoir and surrounding country fields.  This involves walking on pathways, grass, rocks and wooded areas so I’ve tested these shoes out on all of those terrains.

The shoes themselves are really lightweight.  When I first saw them I thought that they were going to be much heavier than they actually are.  When holding them they feel pretty light and when wearing them they feel even lighter.  This is great, particularly when going on a long walk in them as they don’t feel as though they’re holding you back and making you move more slowly.  The lightness of the boots is perhaps down to the lightweight suede and mesh that they’re made of.  The sole is made of rubber which is also lightweight and durable so I found them great for all of the terrains that I walked on.  They provided quite a lot of grip too on grass and gravel, particularly when the ground was a little more slippy.

The walking boots are really easy to put on and they lace up in quite a versatile way so that you decide how you want to tie them up and how tight you want them.  The laces are really long so whether you’re a double bow girl or prefer a single bow like I do then the choice is yours.  The boots come with white laces and a spare pair of dark pink laces which is great as after I’d walked through a particularly muddy patch, the white laces were far from pristine!!  The boots washed up really well and returned to their gorgeous vibrant pink however the laces maintained a muddy colour so I’ve switched them for the pink ones which I actually prefer.  They look so cute and feminine without being too girlie and sweet.

The way the walking boots lace up makes them feel really secure on my foot, particularly around my ankles, without being uncomfortable and they stop my feet from moving around inside them as well as keeping them from getting wet thanks to their moisture wick lining that keeps my feet dry.

When I first put my hand inside the boots, I was worried that they were going to feel a little hard underfoot and that they may rub when walking.  However adding to the comfort of these walking boots is the soft padded collar and the removable sockliner which gives them some extra cushioning.  I’m always worried about getting blisters when I’m out walking, especially when I’m in new shoes and I am happy to report that I didn’t have to crack out the Compeed Blister Plasters whilst wearing these which gives them an automatic thumbs up in my book.

I would definitely recommend these boots if you’re more of a casual walker, someone who goes on walks for a couple of hours at a time like I do.  I haven’t tried them out on a full days hike or climbing up rocks so I couldn’t comment on how they would fare during those cases as I’m not a serious walker and couldn’t compare them to other walking boots.  For the purposes that I used them- walking shorter distances, then I’d say that I’m really impressed by Hi-Tec and in particular the Sierra Lite Walking Boots, so regardless of whether pink is your colour of choice or you’d prefer a more traditional walking boot colour, you can head on over to the Hi-Tec website to see all of their styles or you can purchase these specific boots on sale for £39.95 here.

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