Hidden gems of Norwich

If you’re looking to visit a new city, Norwich should be high on your considerations. Although it’s often overlooked, Norwich actually has something for everyone. There’s plenty of culture and history for the family, and it offers a vibrant night out too. Below, we explore some of the hidden gems to look out for in Norwich during your visit.

Urban jungle Norfolk

This is a great family place to visit. The urban jungle is a café submerged in greenery and allows you to connect with food and plants. As you eat your lunch or sip your coffee, you’ll find yourself side-by-side with a wealth of intriguing plants and leaves. And the outside urban jungle has eclectic displays with water features and fish to gaze at. With many exotic species of plant and regular events going on, this should be one of the first items on your itinerary. 

Norwich street art

To take in Norwich’s art scene, it’s not even essential to visit a gallery. Instead, you’ll be able to witness it by travelling through any urban area. Inspired by American architecture, Norwich has encouraged artists to paint on building walls. The result has been nine large, eye-catching murals across the city with 12 smaller pieces to be found in Norwich market. The City of Stories project began in 2016 and has seen these murals celebrate Norwich’s rich culture and heritage. There are plenty of exciting pieces to check out and you can even take them all in with your own tour!

Explore upper St Giles and Norwich lanes

Norwich lanes are essential viewing. These narrow winding streets contain charming independent shops and make for a wonderful visit. Whether you’re looking for artisan coffee, a local IPA, or a quaint arts and crafts shop, the Lanes have everything. Upper St Giles is one of the best places to visit here. With Georgian architecture, hidden restaurants and wonderful galleries, it epitomises Norwich’s spirit. And if it’s coffee you’re after, Strangers coffee house offers some of the richest blends in the Lanes.

Plantation gardens

If you need a break from the urban sights of Norwich, you can get yourself to the plantation gardens. Sitting just 600 yards from the city-centre, this three-acre Grade II English Heritage site is an oasis of flowers and nature. The garden is heavily wooded and with plenty of vibrant displays it makes for the ideal place to relax in the city.

Norwich has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a family day out, or for a new venue for a night out, it’s a versatile city. Grab your train ticketstoday and you too, can discover the hidden gems of Norwich!

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