High End Fragrance Dupes From PipsPerfumeandFragrance!

Pips Perfume and Fragrance Designer Brand Dupe

You don’t wear the bottle…

It’s a phrase I’ve heard online recently & it’s so true. If you smell gorgeous you smell gorgeous- no one sees the bottle do they?!

It often feels like there’s a huge pressure to buy expensive gifts, especially at Christmas time but many of us don’t have the budget or actually want to spend that kind of money on presents but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still buy a gorgeous gift.

Pips Perfume and Fragrance

If you have thought about treating yourself or a loved one to a gorgeous designer fragrance then now is the time but at a FRACTION of the cost.  There’s over 190 available, all made using similar fragrance notes to the big brands!

Pips Perfume High End Perfume Dupe

Pips Perfume and Fragrance sells perfume, aftershave, toiletries, candles, reed diffusers and so much more, all with scents that are inspired by designer favourites yet they’re SO affordable.

She asked to send me one as a gift so I chose D&G The One as it’s a fragrance I’ve bought so many times over the years and I thought it would be a great one to compare- it smells EXACTLY like it!

D&G The One Dupe

I then bought a men’s scent from her for Al for Christmas- Creed Aventus which smells UNREAL!! So much like the original yet it cost me £15!  Im not ashamed to admit that I don’t have the money to buy him the real Creed as it’s so expensive so I thought I’d just have to skip it yet when I saw Philippa sold the dupe I was all over it. So so happy with my purchase and Al is too.  He’s been testing it out this week and thinks the throw and longevity of the scent is fantastic… as do I.  It’s the ultimate sexy man scent.

Creed Aventus Dupe
When I’m putting together gift suggestions I’m really conscious of the cost and hope to cover all budgets so while these perfumes are fab for ANYONE, I really do hope that this post helps some of you out there who were wanting to buy a designer fragrance but didn’t have the budget for it this Christmas.  Remember, you don’t wear the bottle- no one knows it’s not the real thing & these scents are SO CLOSE!

Pips Perfume High End Perfume Dupe

You can order from Philippa through her PipsPerfumeandFragrance Instagram and Facebook.  Simply pop her a message over and she’ll send you the full product list.  If you use the code LAURA3 you’ll get some little freebies too!

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