High SPF Suncare Saviours

With the summer coming up, I know a lot of you will be going away on holiday in a hot destination and so I wanted to review some of my favourite high SPF sun care products for you.

A lot of these products are from French pharmacy brands.  I really enjoy using French skin care as I find that it is very gently formulated whilst being high performing and I have always found the same to be said for their sun care too.

Eau Thermale Avene Very High Protection Spray SPF 50+

Eau Thermale Avene Very High Protection Spray SPF 50+*

The Eau Thermale Avene Very High Protection Spray has SPF 50+ which offers very broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection to prevent your body from burning in the sun.  It is designed for sensitive skin and didn’t irritate my patch or psoriasis or dermatitis however anyone can use it, making it suitable for all the family.  It doesn’t sting or irritate my skin and it doesn’t clog my pores or give me spots on my body like some SPF products have done in the past.

Eau Thermale Avene Very High Protection sun lotion when sprayed

It comes in a traditional pump spray bottle that is incredible easy to use.  It fires out a good dollop of the product which sprays together rather than firing out at all angles for a thinner coating if that makes any sense whatsoever, and then you simply rub it in.  It doesn’t seem to go very far but that doesn’t really matter at the bottle is a large 200ml size and I don’t find that I use more of it than any other suncream anyway.  The suncream is thick in consistency but it rubs in incredibly well and doesn’t leave a strong white cast across the skin.

Eau Thermale Avene Very High Protection Spray SPF 50+ when rubbed in

Scent wise, I usually enjoy that typical sun tan smell that I associate with holidays however this doesn’t smell of that and so is great for people who don’t appreciate that slightly artificial fragrance like I do!  Instead the Avene spray has quite a pleasant scent that is light and quite pretty, if you will.

This suntan lotion currently retails for £17 down from an RRP of £20 here which is only a small amount more than most high street suntan lotions.  I definitely think that it is worth the money and would certainly repurchase, after all, I don’t think you can put a price on good sun protection.

Eau Thermale Avene Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+

Eau Thermale Avene Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+*

This is a suntan cream that is more designed for use on the face than the one above.  It’s by Avene and it is called the Very High Protection Emulsion for normal to combination sensitive skin.  This one has a tremendous SPF 50+ which provides broad UVB and UVA protection which is great because it really stopped me from burning on holiday.

Eau Thermale Avene Very High Protection Emulsion when dispensed

The texture of this one is a little more cream like in formula than the spray above which is more like a lotion.  It comes in a pump action bottle that dispenses quite a lot of product.  I find that one and a half pumps is more than sufficient for my full face and neck and that the emulsion rubs in quite quickly, leaving a slight white cast on my skin, while it takes a couple of minutes to fully sink in.  What I like the most about this suntan cream is that it doesn’t make my skin feel overloaded and it doesn’t clog my pores, causing spots.  The light scent that it has doesn’t irritate my skin and overall I loved using this product.

Eau Thermale Avene Very High Protection Emulsion when rubbed in

When I travel I tend to go to very hot destinations where I may inevitably sweat on my brow, so I like to look for a suntan lotion that won’t emulsify and run on my skin, get into my eyes and sting.  This one doesn’t do that and it is quite hard to budge which is great, although I do need to make sure that I use a good cleanser to get it off at the end of the day, as it is very water resistant.

This one is £13.60 down from an RRP of £16 here.

Bioderma Photoderm Ski SPF 50+

Bioderma Photoderm Ski SPF 50+*

A common misconception amongst non-skiing folk is that when you’re off to the slopes there’s no need for sun protection.  This couldn’t be further from the truth as the sunlight is often incredibly bright, especially with the reflection off the snow.  I went to school with an awesome skier and I always remember her coming back from her trips with a sun tanned face complete with fetching goggle marks and I was always baffled as to how she’d caught the sun but guys just because it’s cold, it doesn’t mean the suns rays aren’t out to get you.  This makes the Bioderma Photoderm Ski the perfect accompaniment to your skiing holiday this winter.

This is a two in one protective cream and stick that has been specially formulated to withstand the wind, snow and high altitude as well as the cold up to minus ten degrees Celsius, brrr!  On one end there is a protective cream for the face and on the other end there is a stick for the lips, making this super easy to apply and slim enough to slip in the pocket of your ski jacket.  There’s even a little whole at the top of the tube so that you can clip it onto your ski pass if you’d like.

Inside the tube there is 20ml of SPF 50+ sun protection cream for you to apply to your face before heading out onto the slopes.  It nourishes the skin really well, creating a protective barrier that prevents the skin from drying out and becoming dehydrated, as well as preventing your face from burning.  The SPF 50+ protects you against both of the different types of the suns harmful rays as it has the maximum anti-UVB efficacy and it has an unmatched extreme anti-UVA performance too so providing you apply this correctly, you’ll be protected against sunburn.  It prevents sun intolerance and works against premature ageing of the skin too.

If you unscrew the very top of the tube, there is a separate 2gram balm which is so handy as you don’t need to carry two products with you.  This balm protects your lips from becoming weather beaten which often results in painful chapping.

You can pick this up from selected pharmacies and dermatologists nationwide as well as John Bell and Croyden pharmacy and The Garden Pharmacy for £10.

Decleor Protective Anti-Wrinkle Cream for Face SPF 30

Decleor Protective Anti-Wrinkle Cream for Face SPF 30

An old favourite of mine has to be the Decleor Protective Anti-Wrinkle Cream in SPF 30, the lowest of the bunch that I have reviewed in this post however it is still a high factor.  I’ve been using and repurchasing this sun cream for about 6 years now as the salon that I used to go to sold the full range and I used to be very loyal to their cleanser, toner and moisturiser until I wanted to delve into other lines; purely out of interest, not out of falling out of love with the products.

This is a suntan cream that is specifically designed for use on the face.  Decleor are skincare experts and they do it very well- this cream doesn’t block the pores, it is light weight, it doesn’t break me out and it doesn’t leave me looking like I have a thick white cast over my skin.  It does however sting my eyes if I sweat a little and it goes in my eyes which is something to bear in mind.  I’m always in very hot places when we go away and the last holiday we went on I took the Avene product above and that worked much better for me so I will be keeping this cream for when we go to slightly cooler destinations, like say Tenerife at Christmas time where it is still warm but cooler than say the Maldives or Kenya is at that time of the year, if you catch my drift!

The feature that I love about this suntan cream is that it actually keeps my skin feeling soft and supple as though I have applied a moisturiser rather than a suntan lotion.

You can buy your own from Feel Unique for £25.15.

Avene High Protection Tinted Compact SPF 50

Avene High Protection Tinted Compact SPF 50*

The Avene High Protection Tinted Compact is a great product that really took some getting used to for me.  That’s because it is such a different suntan protection product to what I am used to as it is a compact cream to powder style formula, a bit like a make up product, very strange but very effective!

It is basically like a light coverage foundation almost that is matte and you sweep across the skin to product you from the sun with its SPF 50.  It provides a light coverage which is great for concealing minor imperfections and for giving you a little confidence when on the beach if you don’t like going out without wearing make up.  I have been applying the Very High Protection Emulsion with this over the top and I find that that works very well at protecting my skin, plus it means that my skin looks even and at its best without having a full face of make up on.

It doesn’t have any chemical filters and is free from parabens and fragrances so it doesn’t irritate my skin but it stops it from burning; even sensitive skin types can use this product and I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for something a little different to try.  I’ve just repurchased this one as I am going to Florida soon and will be going to the Disney parks and doing much more during the day than I usually would so I am looking forward to having some coverage as well as sun protection on my face!

It retails for £20.40 down from an RRP of £24 from Escentual.

As many of you know I’ll be going away on honeymoon in the not too distant future so if there are any SPF products that you’d recommend, do let me know in the comments.

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