Home Maintenance: Areas That Could Need Your Attention

When you own your own home, you are going to be responsible for everything that goes on in your home, including any kind of repairs that might need doing.  The more severe the issue, the more money it is going to cost you to fix the problem in the first place.  Whether you currently own your own home or are saving up to buy your first place like I am, you’ll need to make sure that you have a bit of a contingency fund set to one side for repairs and maintenance of the property.  That is why I have put together this article, to nudge you in the right direction of checking on these areas of your home because I know that when I eventually buy mine, they are the areas that I’m going to need to keep a check over!

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The first thing that I think that you should look at is your doors.  Your external doors provide the entrances to your home and are therefore your main priority when it comes to security.  When I was at university studying criminology, I learnt so much about opportunist burglars who spot an open door or one with poor security and see it as a welcome invitation to pop in and rob you of the things that you’ve worked so hard to pay for.  Don’t give them that chance.
First of all, you should be checking that it is closing and locking properly.  This is another thing that people get confused with because even though you think the door is locked, it might not be.  Close your door, lock it, try to open it and see what happens.  If it opens, then you need to replace the lock, and if it doesn’t then this part of your home is secure.  It is all about keeping your home safe, and I’m are sure that you want this; I certainly do!  When I buy my home I’ll be ensuring that the door is solid, secure and that the locks are changed so that only my family and I have the key to that property.  I’ll also be investing in Home security cameras to watch the doors as that should deter any burglars thinking of trying to break the locks. You can never be too safe.

Aside from that, maintenance is key not just from a security aspect but purely from an aesthetic and practicality point of view.  There could be a crack or an area of your door that is vulnerable to the elements if it is already damaged.  Some people don’t even know that their door is broken until it is too late as the wind has managed to knock it down; the same goes with fences and my dad could tell you plenty of stories to do with that!  To avoid this issue happening to you, you should be checking your door regularly by looking at it and seeing if there are any visible issues and acting on them ASAP.

The next area that a lot of people have issues with that they don’t know about is their roof.  It could be something as simple as a small crack that is causing your home to feel cold, and moisture to be forming on the ceiling or it could be a larger scale problem, either way, as the daughter of a roofer would say, it must be fixed otherwise you’ll be chucking money away on your heating bill for a start.  As a simple fix to this, some spray foam roof insulation can work wonders until you can get it looked at professionally to ascertain whether that has helped the problem or whether it needs further work.  If your roof is left unchecked, it could get far worse, and you could end up needing to hire a professional, such as from Knox Roofing: Roof replacement in Boise, to come and perform a replacement.  Let’s face it, no one wants to be spending that kind of money on fixing a roof when you could have sorted the issue much more easily and with less financial cost which is why you should be checking your roof every couple of weeks.


Finally, your windows are another area of your home that could be broken or not performing at their optimum.  Have you noticed that your home is feeling drafty recently?  It could be that there is a gap in the sealant of your windows.  I’m having this issue with the flat that I’m currently renting but I’d have more chance of winning the lottery than my landlord coming out to fix it.  Still, I love the windows that my apartment has as they let in loads of light (as well as the cold!) which can really help to make a small room look bigger.

In reality, fixing a window isn’t always a tough issue to resolve; it may be a security issue with the locking mechanism, it might be the sealant or it may be an issue with the double glazing but either way, just give a professional a call to get it sorted as it can quickly become an issue that’ll worsen if not attended to. When it comes to your windows, it is always better to be safe than sorry because someone could use a vulnerability to break in or, such as my case, it could be costing you more than is necessary to heat your property!

I hope that you have found this article helpful, and now know what kind of areas of your home could need attention without your knowledge!  These are things that we need or use everyday but don’t often think about after all.

What areas of your home need a little attention?

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