How Dancing Is Good For Your Mind, Body & Spirit

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When I was a little girl, I briefly attended dance classes.  While I can’t remember them, I know that I did tap as my mam has a photograph of me in a little blue frilly leotard with tap shoes on.  Very cute, even with my hair cut that looked as though she’d plonked a mixing bowl on my head and cut around it.

Dancing is something that I’ve loved to do throughout my life although admittedly, its been more free-styling in my bedroom or doing the Ferry Two Step in a bar since I quit those classes.  I wish I’d kept those traditional classes up because its a great hobby to have but I do still believe that the benefits of dancing can be felt regardless of whether you’re dancing in a studio wearing the coolest Move U sportswear, in your bedroom or at a fitness class in the gym.

Dancing can positively impact your mind, body and spirit and its definitely a tool that I instinctively use to perk up my mood if I’m ever feeling a little low.  Its also the go to reaction when I’m excited or happy about something.  When something good happens, I always dance about; I can’t help it.

My dad often jokes how my mam and I are exactly the same when we get a new outfit as we try it on and dance about in front of the mirror!

WhatLauraLoves In The Style Curve Outfit

Dancing for me is not only a great way to exercise but its an amazing form of escapism too.  With working in social media, my phone is constantly going off with notifications left, right and centre.  I struggle to switch off and be completely present in the moment but that’s exactly what attending a Zumba class gives me; an hour without my phone, moving to the beat, keeping fit while clearing my mind.  Its as good for the spirit as it is for the body and mind.

A lot of people are worried that they’ll not be coordinated enough for dancing but I’ve actually found that the more I’ve gone to dance fitness classes, the more my coordination, balance and agility has improved which benefits me in everyday life too as I feel more spritely day to day.  Dancing helped with my memory too as although a lot of the steps in fitness classes are repetitive, there are several different moves that go together to create the overall dance.  I’ve even tried Aqua Zumba which is not only so much fun but a great way to keep fit without having pressure on your joints as the water takes your weight.

These fitness classes at the gym are awesome for meeting new people too.  When I first moved to the town I live in now, I didn’t know many people so going to a group was a good way to make friends with others that I shared a common interest with.

WhatLauraLoves In The Style Curve Outfit

Whatever your age, anyone can get involved in dance.  You don’t even need to spend money on a gym membership.  There are so many awesome youtube channels like The Fitness Marshall and Dance Fit With Jessica that are great for following along to in your living room.  I roll back the rug and play a couple of videos through a couple of times on days where I want to be active but don’t have much time.

Aside from tutorials online and classes, I love to just dance about the house in my day to day life.  Its great for lifting my mood and makes completing chores more fun!  Its one of my favourite ways to enjoy dancing along with going out with my girls of course.  While our nights out aren’t as wild as they used to be, we do still love to dance!

I’d love to know how you incorporate dance into your life!

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  1. Rebecca U
    June 10, 2018 / 8:37 pm

    I am pretty bad at dance, but I do like to do things like aerobics or Zumba that are a little combo of the two 🙂 x

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