How Do You Store Baked Items?

How do you store your baked food items?

I may not be Delia Smith but I can certainly help you out with some tips on how to keep the cake you’ve just put your heart and soul into making stay fresh for longer!


You should know that a cake without icing can last long. If you keep it wrapped with film, it will last a few days. But before you wrap it up, you need to wait for a bit and let it cool down. If you wrap a warm cake, you will set in the moisture, and it will make room for mould and fungus.

You can avoid this if you cool the cake first. Let it sit on a wire rack for an hour. Once the hour passes away, touch the cake to assure its cold. Once it cools down, you can wrap it, arrange it on a cake dish and store it. Make sure you store it in a dry place, free of moisture and humidity.


If you bake a cake topped with whipped cream, don’t whip the cream or garnish your cake until the very last minute.  These things should be done right before you serving so that it’s as fresh as can be.

The cream will lose its consistency very soon. It doesn’t matter if you put the thing in fright or outside, it will lose its freshness. So, whip the cream after it’s taken out of the fridge, and frost the cake right before you serve it. This is how bakeries work when it comes to fresh cupcake delivery London.

If nothing else works, you can serve the whipped cream separately in a serving bowl with the cake and others.


You need to go smart on frosting, especially if you make your own with eggs, custard or cream. Make small batches of frosting because you will usually need to eat it on the same day, even if you put it inside the fridge.

Also, you have to put it back into the cold box after serving. You can tackle this issue if you buy the frosting from baker marketing. The packed frosting goes doesn’t spoil for four days. Just make sure you keep it covered. Also, if you buy frosting instead of making your own, it will cut your effort.


If cakes are filled with perishable stuff or fresh fruit, you have to refrigerate them. Don’t do it before you wrap them in a triple wrap. You should know you can also preserve cheesecake this way. The thing is, once you have cooled the cake, you have to wrap it in cling film and foil. Lastly, you have to put it into the freezer bag. Before you keep it in the fridge, you have to squeeze the air.

If you don’t do this, it will ruin the cake.


When it comes to baking, twinning saves your skin.  By preparing two things instead of only one you’ll have one to eat and serve to your guests, or if something goes wrong, the other will be to store or as your backup option.


If you use ingredients that need a cold environment, then you better cool them. This is helpful if you plan to keep the thing for a few days. Don’t worry , its anything of a challenge; you need to bake the thing, cool it down, and wrap it in foil. Once done, you have to put it instead of a sealed airtight container.

This trick is pretty handy with cake. Don’t do it with cookies. It won’t work. Once you are done, make sure you take care of the leftover ingredients. Sure, you have invested a lot of time and effort for the prep work. So, you better pack it and store it for later use.

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