How Hard Is It to Make Your Home Greener

More and more people are beginning to prioritise living a sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. It can seem like a daunting prospect at first to try and make your home greener, but it doesn’t have to be a challenge. If you are looking for possible ways to improve the efficiency of your home, here are some tips and advice to help.

Think About Your Waste

Everyone produces waste simply by leading their normal lives. While it is impossible to cut down on your waste to the extent that it no longer exists, you can still make a huge dent in it by taking steps to improve your habits:

• Stop buying products that come in single-use plastic packaging. Even if it claims to be made from recycled materials, this doesn’t mean it can be recycled again. Remember that recycling is a last resort, not the key to reducing waste. This is because it still requires energy to take used plastic and recycle it into fresh plastic.

• Only buy as much food as you know your household will eat. Food scraps and leaving food to go out of date are huge contributors to wasted energy in the world. If you do have unwanted leftovers, consider starting a compost heap so that your scraps can be used to fertilise the soil for your garden.

• Some companies now offer refillable options rather than single-use packaging. Common household items, such as cleaning products, can now be swapped for more sustainable, refillable ones. Wherever possible, look for ways to make this greener switch.

• Be mindful about what you buy and whether or not you truly need something. Not only will you save money by pausing before making a purchase, but you will also reduce waste and your carbon footprint.

Choose Preloved Items

Secondhand furniture is becoming increasingly popularamong trendsetters in the design world. Vintage, used, and antique home decor is more affordable and eco-friendly than new furniture. Your home will also have more originality since not everything was bought from the same retailer as everyone else’s home.

Use Sustainable, Natural Materials

When decorating your home, you can use organic and sustainably sourced materials for a simultaneously elegant and eco-friendly result. Natural stone tiles, for example, can make a floor appear more stylish and unique. There are plenty of options at for you to take inspiration from. Whether you are renovating a room or building your own home from scratch, research the sources of your materials to find out how sustainable they are. When your home consists of environmentally-responsible materials, you can rest assured that you’ve made a positive choice for the planet.

Use Renewable Energy

If possible, switch to an energy provider that supplies green energy. This might be in the form of solar, wind, or nuclear energy. You can also generate your own energy by installing solar panels in your home.

There will always be different levels of green. Simpler, smaller steps can lead to more significant ones in time. You don’t need to make all these changes at once to make your home greener.

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