How Long Can I stay in a Serviced Apartment?

As a traveller, you’re often looking for the best accommodation that offers away-from-home comfort. Not only is the convenience of utmost importance, but you’re also seeking security and cost-effectiveness. But the question regarding these arrangements is ‘how long can I stay in a serviced apartment?’

You can stay a day, week, and month or longer in London serviced apartments except for extended-stay accommodation. However, shorter, one- or two-week stays are more available for units that offer space and privacy. While inclusive of utility bills, many of these provide hotel-like amenities like reception, maid service and customer care.

Do you want a blend of a hotel, home or shared housing? Serviced apartments come furnished, prepped and cleaned in between residents.

What’s the Typical Length of Stay in Serviced Apartments? 

Whether you’re on holiday, working or on a business trip, you want accommodation where you can unwind or enjoy time alone. Choose the wrong option, and your trip is ruined. As such, you’re hard-pressed for a property that’s available, affordable, spacious and centrally located.

Serviced apartments are ideal for staying longer than it makes economic sense if you stay in a hotel. They’re the right move when you know how long you’ll be in the city. You are also provided with flexible solutions to extend, cancel, or shorten your stay. It’s also easier to leave at a moment’s notice or keep extending your rent after each tenancy.

A serviced apartment comes with essential appliances and a kitchen. You’re provided with gas ovens, microwaves, utensils, entertainment systems and Wi-Fi. There’s also the usual bed linen, towels and other toiletries, but most apartments offer housekeeping or regular maintenance. All bills for utilities and TV or internet subscriptions are taken care of within your nightly, weekly or monthly rate.

Why Choose a Serviced Apartment over Other Forms of Accommodation? 

Serviced apartments offer flexibility and convenience for staying as long as you like affordably. That varies based on your requirements as a traveller looking for temporary housing solutions. Reasons why you should choose serviced apartments over hotels include;

You Have a Private Living Space

Most serviced apartments do in-house cleaning once a week instead of the daily interruptions by housekeeping services you’ll get with a hotel. That allows you a stronger sense of privacy and self-dependence, and you’ll be more comfortable without having your space intruded. After a busy day, you’ll find the privacy to kick back, unwind and relax.

Are Extended Hotel Stays Cost-Effective? 

You can reduce the accommodation costs of your trip by selecting serviced apartments over hotels. Instead of paying for room service or eating out, you have a kitchen within which to self-prepare meals. In many units, options include ordering groceries to your door, lessening the number of things you have to pack.

While hotels charge fees, most serviced apartments offer amenities like complimentary Wi-Fi. Your hotel bill becomes extortionate the longer you stay while an apartment offers reductions, especially with extended stays.

Take Advantage of Flexible Accommodation with Serviced Apartments

You can stay as long as necessary when you’ve booked a serviced apartment. That gives you the flexibility to do whatever you want, whenever it suits you. You can also invite guests or bring your business associates over for a meeting, unlike in the limiting hotel settings.

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