How To Add 1920s Glamour to Your 2020 Home

With 2020 fast approaching, it’s a good time to start thinking about upcoming style trends in the upcoming decade.

Let’s take a look back to the glitz and glam of the Art Deco period, from the 1920s and 1930’s- almost 100 years ago.

Art Deco is characterised by clean, simple geometric shapes and rich colours. Think of the extravagant glamour of ‘The Great Gatsby’ and all of the chrome, bright lights and smooth lines of the period.

In the average household, you may not want to incorporate that whole look of the period, there are many ways that you can add some influences and Art Deco living room design ideas into you home very simply and easily.

We’ll take a look at some of the ways in which you can add your own nod to the era in your home in the upcoming new decade.

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What is ‘Art Deco’?

First appearing in Western Europe, particularly in Paris the Art Deco movement was designed as a rebellious act against the utility styles and dull colours of the period between the two World Wars.

This style was a symbol of luxury and craftsmanship, and it is here that manufacturers learnt how to mass-produce items to fit in with the demands of the design.

How To Get The Look at Home

The typical elements of the Art Deco style of the period are the angular, geometric shapes with a symmetrical and clean, streamlined look.

It’s a typical feature to have mirrored surfaces that are designed to catch the light- look for large mirrors, and clean-lined chrome lamps, and shiny, luxurious feeling fabrics as part of your room design. Use bold colours such as; brilliant whites, rich, dark pinks, purples and navy blues in all of the above- You can create the look and feel of 1920s luxe very easily at home by doing this.

Have you ever wondered where the trend of having stylised images of tall buildings, cars, and planes came from? Thank the Art Deco period for that. The 1910s and 20s saw a massive growth in the popularity of world travel, which resulted in people using travel posters as a memory of trips they had taken in the past. Natural motifs such as flowers began to become even more popular, too- in particular, the use of images of suns with their rays formed in a stylistic fashion quickly become in favourite and is something that can be used in your living room, too. If you’re planning a party, add an element of glam by incorporating a sexy mirrored and black shiny cocktail cabinet to your living room to shake up the martinis during your speakeasy cocktail parties as you ring in the new decade. And for seating, you can rent a variety of stylish chairs. View website here for more details.

Add an element of glam to your party by incorporating a sexy mirrored and black shiny cocktail cabinet to your living room to shake up the martinis during your speakeasy cocktail parties as you ring in the new decade.

Create the Perfect Stylish Sitting Area

A home is not complete without having a relaxing place to sit in- and for those wishing to incorpoate Art Deco styles into their living space, club seats are the perfect addition to the home space.

Club chairs had been created in so many different ways throughout this period that there would be a wide range of designs to fit in with the style and feel of the room. The idea of these comfortable armchairs was to be a fusion of comfort and style to make the home a place where you would be free to relax as well as creating a space that is stylish to show off and extravagant parties and gatherings in the home.

Art Deco style incorporated many varieties of fabric, shape and colours, so there are many ways in which art deco style seating can be incorporated within your own home.

Use Bold, Statement Pieces to Light up Your Rooms

The use of chrome materials was an exciting new trend- a far cry away from the utility of the interwar years, so adding some gorgeous chromes into the interior design of your home.

Give your home a hint of chrome that works well with the bold colours of your furniture, walls and soft furnishings. Include bold features such as a statement lighting piece in the form of chandeliers, or even just a table or floor lamp that incorporates the bold, sexy designs of Art Deco. If you’re not feeling using chrome or mirrors, try light and versatile glass features in their place.

It is clear to see that we can still incorporate that glamour of our relatives 100 years ago into the modern age moving into 2020. Don’t be afraid to experiment to create your sexy and romantic look within your home.

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