How To Add A Splash Of Greenery To Your Bathroom

In recent years, our shift towards minimalist colour palettes has seen us all embracing plants in the home like never before. You’d certainly be hard-pressed now to find a household that doesn’t incorporate plants in some shape or form in at least key rooms. As well as adding splashes of colour that are otherwise tricky to come upon, such additions can improve air quality, relaxation, and a whole lot besides.

But, you know that already. What you might not realise is that house plants are spreading, and the bathroom is the next focus for their takeover. Over the past two years especially, platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have become awash with bathroom-plant inspo, and taking note is the best way to add colour to on-point white kitchen and bathroom tile trends right now. The question is – how exactly do you make plantlife work in a room like this?


Image by Phil Hearing: CC0 Licence

Incorporating greenery into your living room is one thing, after all, but the bathroom is an entirely different matter, rife with humidity, limited lighting, and potential space setbacks in many homes. Luckily, we have three simple bathroom plant pointers that can help you get started without hassle. 


Humidity and a lack of light are, undeniably, bathroom staples.  As such, you’re right in assuming that many types of plant life wouldn’t survive here.  But, that doesn’t mean every option is out of reach. There are rainforests out there, remember, and every one of them could give your bathroom a run for its money.  With that in mind, start here by seeking options like ferns, succulents, and spider plants that are all guaranteed to be hardy enough for bathroom activity. 


Bathrooms tend to be pretty crowded spaces in the home, and storage here is often a problem. If that’s the case, you may well be at a loss as to how plants can fit into this space in the first place. After all, you don’t have even an inch of shelf space to dedicate to this cause! Luckily, there is an alternative, and it comes in the form of mounting plants instead. As long as you can get to them, plant shelves, frames, and boxes are all fantastic ways to add a splash of greenery without costing yourself storage at any stage. 


Pinterest is jam-packed with jungle-esque bathroom setups right now, and even living walls as bathroom additions. These options can be, understandably, daunting, but there’s no reason your efforts here need to go that far. In reality, keeping things simple could still see you transforming your minimalist bathroom designs. A basic bath shelf with a plant mounted upon it could add the colour and vibrancy you’re after, while a few well-placed succulents could also work wonders. You certainly don’t need to add a jungle here until you’re ready, or not at all if it doesn’t suit. Simply place plants where they fit, and start soaking up those benefits when you’re in the tub.

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