How to Add Personality to Your Wardrobe

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Everyone has a personality worth celebrating and one of the finest ways to go about showing off your individuality is through your wardrobe.  The clothes you wear and the accessories that you wear with them, are a statement of your confidence and your comfort in who you are as a person.  Since your wardrobe can really represent your personality, I though I would share some ways in which you can add a little more of your own personality to the clothes that you own and the new items that you buy, especially with the January sales coming up, to really show off your style.


The first step in adding a sense of individuality to your wardrobe is to sort through all of your clothes.  Now I’m not going to lie girls, if your wardrobe is anything like mine has been in the past then this could take a whole evening of your time but its worth doing and I actually find it quite therapeutic.  Find an album that you love and listen to it while you’re sorting through or a motivational podcast.

After reading Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, some years ago, I put into practice one of her tips which goes along the lines of only surrounding yourself with things that you love and I have found it really relieving to apply it to all areas of my home and wardrobe.  I say relieving because I was holding onto so much stuff that I didn’t love for fear of regret and guilt if I parted with it; getting over that and filling my surroundings only with things that I love was a huge relief.

When you’re sorting your wardrobe, go through each item and create piles.  Firstly, whatever is damaged beyond repair, chuck or donate to a fabric recycling if there is one near you and that includes the items that are missing a button or have a hole in them that have sat in your wardrobe for the last 12 months waiting for you to stitch up the hole… its not going to happen.  Goodbye item.

Then create a pile of clothes that are in good condition that you no longer wear or that you don’t feel happy when you see them.  If they’ve sat in your wardrobe since the same season last year and you still haven’t worn them, the chances are you’re not going to and for goodness sake, if you’re hoarding any gorgeous items you bought on sale in a the next size or two down that you’ve been willing yourself you’ll fit into when you’ve lost weight then do yourself a favour and get rid of them.  I had SO many clothes in my wardrobe that I vowed to fit into one day and then when I lost the weight and could fit into them, I no longer wanted to wear them because they weren’t in fashion and my personal style had changed!  It’s better to create space in your wardrobe now and if you’re changing size, for whatever reason, then enjoy the clothing that comes to you as part of the journey.  Once you have your pile sorted, then pop it in a charity bag or list is on eBay.  Put those clothes to good use!

Your last pile should be the clothes that fit you and that you love to wear.

Remember: You can alter existing clothes to bring them closer to your current style and wear them in a different way, so as not to be wasteful- but also be brutal in what you choose to reject. Everyone has the skeletons of past styles in their closet and really its better to sell or donate them to make way for something thats more you.

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When you’re curating a wardrobe that emulates your style, its a good idea to search online for inspiration and to place orders for the clothes that you’ve always wanted to wear but thought you couldn’t.  You can try an online search for the latest shoe designs to brighten your everyday looks on websites such as, where there are so many trendy options to choose from and it’s easy to find a pair that fits your personal style.  Set yourself small style goals to step outside of your comfort zone, work hard and smash them.  It’s amazing how much more confident you feel in your appearance when you stop caring about what other people think about in you in your outfit and start caring about what YOU think about you in your clothes.  I’ve really been pushing my style boundaries in the last year or so and the result has been amazing; now my wardrobe is packed full of the confident, body loving personality that I poses!

If you’re looking for style inspiration, then your best place to start is online.  Perhaps you’ll be inspired by a celebrity, fashion designer or a brands styling on their social media or even an Instagram account, here’s mine!  I love to see what other girls are wearing and I like to see where they’ve got their clothes from, as its so helpful to see how things fit, especially with being plus size.

When you’ve added some pieces to your wardrobe that suit how you’re feeling or where you’re getting your inspiration from, you’ll be able to really inject some personality into your wardrobe and show how confident you’re feeing in your clothes.

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While the clothes you wear might be the background to your overall style, how you accessorise your look can really let your personality shine through your outfit.

For example, you might like to add

  • New and eccentric jewellery
  • Individual and stylish designer glasses
  • Matching bags or clutches for nights out
  • The wonderful world of shoes
  • Hair accessories or hats

With all of the above, youll not be making a huge sweeping statement, but you will be adding a temporary flourish to your overall individual style.  For me, I like to add a touch of sparkle to my outfits.  I’m not really into chunky jewellery these days; my jewellery is nearly always delicate or dainty, be it studs or fine hoops, a necklace and my Pandora bracelet but it always adds a sparkle to my outfit.  I don’t like too much BLING but I do like diamonds and diamantés and I think that they can really add a touch of glam to my clothes and thats definitely a part of my personality that I love to bring out when I get dressed.

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Popular fashion always looks to the past for inspiration time and time again so if you find yourself longing for a particular style to bring out the personality in your wardrobe then you could always try a vintage fair or charity shop.  These additions can add a touch of old-time charm to your outfits.  Its not to everybodys tastes, of course, but bear in mind that the sheer variety of fashion pieces in vintage collections means theres almost certainly something out there to match everyones style personality.

Whatever your clothing, the more your wardrobe reflects your personality and style, the more confident you’ll feel wearing it and the more comfortable you’ll feel in your skin than ever before!  I hope my tips can help you.

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