How To Blend Home Security And Design

Home security is a crucial part of safeguarding lives and property. However, sometimes, after installing security elements in and around the home, they tend to stick out like a sore thumb. When this happens, it can take away from the home’s overall visual appeal. Considering that 32% of UK homes have burglar alarms and a higher percentage own other security gadgets, you may want to learn how to blend home aesthetics and security. Here are some guidelines to know about.

  1. Hide exposed wires

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Some security home cameras come with wires that may be quite unpleasant to look at after installation. Generally, wires are quite cumbersome pieces to handle because of their sensitivity. The least pressure tugged on an exposed wire could damage the internal components of the security camera. So, if you opt for cams with wires, you can carefully wind them behind the device to avoid being seen by others or hanging on the sides of the house.

Better yet, you can opt for wireless cameras that use cloud technology. This allows you to take out the cumbersome process of connecting wires and cables to a monitor located in one of your rooms. With this option, even if the wireless security is stolen, the footage will still be accessible on your cloud platform.

  1. Coordinate the colours and shapes

In many cases, home security systems are dark-coloured, metallic, and in unappealing hues. Thanks to technology, this is no longer the same. You will find home security gadgets in a wide range of colours that appeal to different buyers. For instance, if you’re looking for smart doorbells to install in your home, you can coordinate colours to match your walls or the shades in your interior. Again, if your doorknob is round or rectangular, you can still do some coordination to blend security with style.

If you just bought a house, you may want to wait a while longer before doing all these changes. Usually, it is advisable to live in your new home for about a month or two before deciding how to infuse security with aesthetics. Moreover, in certain instances, you might need a home security expert and an interior decorator to provide guidance on how to get the best outcomes. 

Remember that the colour blending does not necessarily have to be the same. For the best effects, you can select lighter shades to create a beautiful contrast for your home’s interior and exterior. Speaking of contrast, if you intend to coordinate your secureview screens with your interior, you can opt for lighter-coloured walls for an enhanced effect.

  1. Obscure your security system’s control panel

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If you invested in an ultra-modern home security system, it most likely came with a medium to a large-size control panel. Instead of allowing it to create a style distraction in your interiors, you can explore different options. The first is to blend it with the wall colour. The second is to create a hollow area within the wall and fix the panel. As a tip, remember to make the hollow space the same measurement as the control panel. An added effect may be to place a sliding wall art over the hollow space, and you would have created a dual-purpose space.

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