How to brighten up your home for summer

Sprucing up your home for the new season? Whether you’re living in a lofty barn conversion or a high-rise city apartment, there are always ways to rejuvenate your interior ready for the summer. 

Warmer weather invites thoughts of decadent fauna, fresh fruits, and bright, pastel tones – so why not incorporate these seasonal delights into your interior? No matter your level of experience in home design, it’s always worth learning a few tips and tricks for the high season.

Decorating your home for summer: Our top tips

– Choose a different shade

Even if you’d prefer to keep your existing colour scheme, it’s easy to incorporate a new shade or two. Summer décor revolves around carrying a lighter mood into your home – along with celebrating the bounty of the season. 

Colour theory is an integral part of interior design. The right (or wrong) colours can determine the overall effect of your home, so it’s important to put time and thought into your decision. Luckily, it’s easy to learn about the basics of colour theory before you start your project.

– Go for bright décor

Throughout the longer, warmer days in summer, it’s only natural to want to be in and around brighter spaces. We’d suggest that you ditch the dark, atmospheric interiors and focus on brighter, neutral tones for the season.

Sunshine shades, including yellow, make a fantastic way to bring summer into your interior. Combined with bold blues or deep emerald greens, this instant mood booster will put a spring into your step – even if it rains in July. For a simple yet effective approach, pairing bright lamp shades with a colourful paint scheme could make a beautiful design statement.

– Bring the outside in

Plants are an excellent feature for any home. They immediately add a calming ambience to any space and they’re a wonderful way to give us a sense of well-being too. 

Caring for a plant involves understanding its specific needs for water, sunlight, humidity, and temperature – and combined, learning how to nurture one has been proven to carry numerous benefits.

In fact, houseplant sales in the UK increased by over 50% in 2021 when compared to pre-pandemic levels seen in 2019. No matter your style or aesthetic, a little bit of greenery will always go a long way. 

– Decorate the walls

Adding your favourite artworks, mirrors, and prints to the walls is one of the best ways to insert character and personality. Wall features are the most effective way to set the scene in your home, no matter the theme you’ve chosen. 


– Don’t forget the fragrance

Every home has its scent, but it’s all too easy to get used to the smells around us and forget about setting the scene for visitors. The most instant approach could be to use a specialist room freshening spray, but you could use scented candles, reed diffusers, or even fancy perfume.

Candles help to add a little bit of atmosphere, but some people might find their strong scent a little bit overwhelming. Diffusers make a fantastic option for homes without pets or young children but might not suit busy family environments. Freshening sprays are portable, easy to use, and just as easy to hide from curious hands too.


There are plenty of ways to lighten up your home for the summer. Home fragrances and bright décor make all the difference, but you might want to change the layout of your home too. 

If you’re new to renovating or trying new home improvements in the process, try not to take on anything too strenuous. Keep yourself safe and don’t DIY with gas – always ask a professional first.

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