How To Choose The Perfect Hair Extensions: A Guide For Hair Salon Owners

Although hair extensions have become one of any hair salon’s most lucrative services, the quality of their work is only as good as the quality they use. The best hair extension may be wrecked by the laxness of the hair extension supplier, even if applying pure keratin bonds is a fantastic method to attach hair extensions. 

Selecting a hair extension provider can be a challenge when ensuring that your client gets a high-quality product. Compared to some salons that use inexpensive hair, your client will agree that your work has lasted longer when you use high-quality hair. 

Cheap human hairs may not match your client’s texture or luster, or they may come out too readily, resulting in a shorter lifespan. Moreso, inexpensive human hair extensions have been known to cause harm to a client’s root system, which can lead to lengthy lawsuits and a financial loss for the salon if they lose the case.

If you want to purchase tape ins here ensures the quality and reputation of your salon stay top-notch. Not only do high-quality hair extensions provide better results for your clients, but they also showcase the professionalism and expertise of your salon.

Here are some of the ways you can choose the perfect hair extensions for your hair salon to give your clients the best possible service. 


The first step to choosing quality hair extensions for a client is consultation. You should examine their hair color and texture to find the ideal match. It is up to you to ensure that your clients get the best materials and service before they leave your salon.

You must know the subtle differences between extension textures and how their color impacts their care before determining if your client is a good match for your extensions.

If you are looking for micro ring hair extensions for your clients, then Taylor Rose is the best place to get them around London and the United Kingdom. You can recommend them to your clients and send them there if you’re unable to offer this service at your salon. 

Patterns of Texture and Curl

There’s a chance your client would be surprised to learn that 100% Indian human hair might be highly curly. When styling natural cuticle hair extensions, care must be taken to avoid overheating and overusing style equipment. When working with curly-haired customers, you must know their curl pattern. If you don’t, then the extensions might not look natural. 


To achieve various color levels, even high-quality extensions must be bleached or dyed from a dark brown. Hair extensions can be permanently damaged if stylists or clients do not follow a guide for color treating the hair.

Style and Care

Natural human hair extensions may not be the most fantastic choice for someone who isn’t serious about taking care of their new hair. The hair can become tangled or unmanageable if you use the wrong hair care products, such as harsh shampoos, inefficient conditioners or deep treatments, or too much oil or heavy silicones.

Making the Purchase

Before placing an order, it is best to request samples to ensure that the product has an outstanding quality. Use a dummy to test the quality of the hair before using it on your client. Before placing an order, get all of the details about the hair from your human hair extension supplier.

In conclusion, you need to know if a client’s natural hair can withstand a specific bond type or installation technique. Clients with extremely fine hair may benefit more from wefts, while those who like to style their hair a lot may find that individual strands are a better option than fusion tips.

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