How to create the perfect Christmas outfit

It’s that time of year again! With Christmas only two months away, it’s about time we started preparing for the festive season. For some, this might mean cracking open the eggnog. For others, it involves getting on with gift buying. And for others, it’s the perfect excuse to treat themselves to a brand-new Christmassy outfit. 

No, this doesn’t mean dressing as an elf. With so many parties and festive occasions to look forward to this year, get glammed up at plus-size fashion stores with the season’s hottest trends that’ll make even Santa do a double take!

Invest in staples you’ll wear every year

When it comes to cold weather dressing, you want to know that your clothes are going to live up to the mark. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in quality staples that will keep you warm throughout the season and that you can wear year after year. 

Key pieces include trench coats, warm jumpers, sturdy jeans,and thermals which you can layer under other pieces for extra insulation. As for party dressing, you’ll find that your LBD will work hard for you this season. Find one made of quality material that you can mix and match with different blazers and accessories to keep your look fresh. 

Get your colour palette right

Since your summer tan will have faded by the time winter rolls around, you want to avoid summery shades and pastels that work better with bronzed skin. Instead, hunker down with dark greens, rich reds, and navies

If you want to add a pop of colour to your outfit limit it to one piece and pair it with neutral shades; too much colour might look overpowering in the darker months. In a similar vein, opt for highly contrasting patterns for your centrepiece and keep the rest of your outfit understated.

Prioritise comfort

Winter is harsh enough; at least make sure you’re wearing a comfortable outfit whilst navigating the cold. Prioritise pieces that are roomy and can be layered for extra warmth. Think jumpsuits, long dresses, and long-sleeved shirts.

The same goes if you’re attending a party. Glamorous off-the-shoulder and strappy dresses work perfectly as Christmas occasional wear and can be found in all kinds of luscious textures that are perfect for the festive period.

Add decorations

Finally, finish off your look with some eye-catching accessories. Go super festive with some Christmas bauble earrings or a pair of sparkly shoes. Blazers also add another element to your outfit and if you can find a sequined one grab it. You will find that it quickly becomes your closest companion during the Christmas season for years to come.

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