How to Dress Confidently – 5 Top Tips to Help Boost Your Confidence

It can take years to learn what your style is and even then, it can be ever changing depending on the trends and how you feel.  There is a lot more to dressing yourself than simply putting on some clothes that you find.  Think of your wardrobe as an extension of you and your personality.  Whether we realise it or not, every morning when we get dressed, the clothes we wear have an influence on how we feel throughout the day.  This is why it is so important to know what to wear and to learn how to dress confidently and comfortably, for you. 

Regardless of who you are, everyone can dress confidently and feel great!  So, I have put together some of my top tips on how to boost your confidence with your clothes.  You will be surprised at the huge impact it has on how you feel about yourself.


I say this all the time but clothing sizes are literally not worth the fabric they’re sewn into.  They vary so dramatically from store to store and it can get you down when you’re trying on different outfits if you focus on the number on the tag.  See it as nothing more than fabric and look for an item that has the fit that you want rather than the fit that you should have based on a number on a label.

Wearing clothes that are far too big can make you feel swamped and hidden away and clothes that are too small can leave you feeling uncomfortable and self conscious.  I know so many people who wont buy a pair of jeans if they have to go up a size and its silly as the fit in one shop can be completely different to another.  Accept your body for what it is today.  Get rid of those clothes in your wardrobe that are far too big or far too small and enjoy wearing clothes that fit you now.  It doesn’t mean you will always be the shape and size that you are now but what it does mean is that you will feel more comfortable and confident in your clothing now.  Rather than waiting to change to fit into something.

So, be sure to accept your size.  Do not worry about the number on the label, and instead focus on how your clothes look and feel.  Remember that many clothing brands come up differently in their sizes, so do not take your size in one store too seriously.


For me, when I feel comfortable in an outfit, I instantly feel more confident.  Comfortable doesn’t mean that you can’t step out of your comfort zone though so give it a go and see what doors open up for you!

When I’m wearing a closer fitting dress, I instantly feel more confident if my body is smoothed over with some high waisted panties.  A great fitting bra makes a world of difference too!


Be it designer or good quality high street, investing in some key pieces that are well made, good quality, fit well and go with everything will help to boost your confidence when you open your wardrobe doors, as you’ll be able to put together plenty of outfits without paying much thought to it.

No matter what your taste, there are high quality highstreet and designer ranges for both men and women nowadays and the options are endless.  Being plus size, fancy clothing was never an option for me so over the years I’ve invested in a few nice handbags and shoes and they still bring me as much joy when I wear them now as they did when I first bought them.

A fabulous pair of shoes can be the base of a pretty stylish outfit and there are loads available at every price point from the budget end to a designer pair of shoes.  Remember that designer shoes, or otherwise, don’t have to be saved for a special occasion; life is the special occasion so if you invest in something, make sure you get your wear and enjoyment out of it.  Browsing online is always fun and who knows, you might find a pair of Givenchy sneakers are exactly what you are looking for!


No outfit is complete without an additional accessory to bring the look together.  Accessories not only look great, but they can also be quite useful.  For example, a pair of sunglasses can hide the tired eyes from a late night and protect you from the sun, while also giving you a confidence boost.  I feel so much more sassy and have a total spring in my step when the sun is shining and I have my shades on! 


Just like in most things in life, it can be extremely easy to become complacent when it comes to the clothes you wear.  Most of us find the clothes that we think suit us the most and wear them over and over again. However, life begins at the end of your comfort zone so if you really want to boost your confidence with fashion then you need to trust yourself and step out of your comfort zone. 

If you usually find yourself wearing the same color and styles, then mix things up a bit.  For example, if you typically wear darker clothes such as black and navy, then add a burst of color to your wardrobe, even with an accessory, it’s all a start! 

Dressing confidently can feel daunting at first, but by making a few changes and taking on board some tips and advice, you can transform the clothes you wear and how confident you feel on a daily basis.

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