How to Elevate Your Child’s School Wardrobe

Like other sectors of the global economy, schools have more or less resumed normal pre-COVID operations. You can help your kid get back to class in style by switching up their wardrobe. Giving them a unique look that they are comfortable wearing is not only fun but can also have a significant impact on their performance.

Being confident in how they appear can inspire your kids to achieve more academically. A child who is comfortable in their sports gear is likely to perform better than one struggling in an undersized outfit or one that grates uncomfortably against their skin. There are several simple ways to elevate your child’s wardrobe.

Invest in a Quality Jacket  

As we head into winter, it’s important to ensure your child has attire that will help them maintain their core body temperature as temperatures plummet below 68 degrees. A jacket that will offer adequate insulation to your child is a worthy investment as kids tend to lose body heat faster than adults in chilly weather. Spending a few dollars on a good jacket will save you and your child the trouble of dealing with the effects of exposure to excessive cold.  

Well-designed winter jackets will shield your kid from the chill while giving them the freedom to engage in winter games to their heart’s delight. If your child will be engaged in winter games or snowball fights, he or she needs a jacket with breathable layers that will prevent the accumulation of sweat. Moisture trapped against the body can cause hypothermia and other dangerous cold-related conditions.

Winter jackets are available in a wide variety of designs and colors. Get your child three or four jackets of different designs to allow them to keep their winter ensemble interesting.

Find the Right Pair of Glasses

If your child has a condition that requires prescription glasses, you can help them find a pair that improves their eyesight and is comfortable to wear. No, you don’t have to burden your kid with oversized glasses that make them look nerdy. Find them a good fit that they won’t be tempted to take off. 

Be sure that the glasses won’t keep sliding down your kid’s nose or pinch the bridge of the nose too high up. For kids below the age of four, you might want to try glasses for kids with a band that keeps them in place. But if the frame has a band around it, ensure that it is not too tight around the head.

Winter also tends to come with an added risk of over-exposure to the sun’s UV rays, especially if you’re planning outdoor activities for your youngsters. The light reflected against the snow can cause snow blindness and sunburn of the eyes, both of which can be quite uncomfortable. It can also have more lasting effects on your child’s vision. Glasses with adequate UV protection are important for this time of year as well as for summer.

Swap With Other Parents

If there is no older sibling your child can inherit clothes from, you might want to think about organizing a kids clothing swap with neighboring parents. Kids grow up fast and keeping up with their wardrobe changes can be costly. A clothing swap will help you get a set of clothes for your kids without spending a dime. You can also bask in the glow of having helped another parent out.

As long as you are well organized, inform the other participants in good time, and pick an accessible venue, your clothing swap will be a productive one. You can set some guidelines in place to ensure all participants benefit and others don’t leave feeling cheated. Remember, the more fair and fun you make your event, the more willing parents will be to participate in others that you organize. 

Prioritize Comfort

There is a wealth of children’s clothing styles to choose from these days. Even the big fashion houses put out kids’ collections every season with clothes ranging from sophisticated and adult-like to more playful patterns. It is tempting to want to deck your offspring out in the latest design or give them a look that makes them stand out.

There is nothing wrong with this but you need to ensure your child is comfortable in the outfit. Their clothes should not prevent them from being kids. Your kid should be able to run around and play without feeling like their movement is restrained. You don’t want to splurge on an outfit your boy or girl will ruin in a few hours of play.

Good Fit, Great Look

When you’re building up your kid’s back-to-school collection, remember these guiding principles. Choose something that will make your child look good and stand out; an outfit that will boost their confidence. As you do so, make sure they will be comfortable and be able to freely express themselves in those clothes.

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