How to Expand Your Home & Still Keep it Stylish

While you might believe there is a budding interior designer in you just waiting to break out, you might have difficulty increasing space within the home and improving its style. Unfortunately, many people are so desperate to change their homes that they can make rash decisions they might later regret.

If you’re ready to increase your home’s square footage and function, read the below advice on how to expand your home and still keep it stylish.

Install Bi-Fold Doors onto an Extension

Many people fail to consider the importance of windows and doors when building an extension. However, natural sunlight can improve a home’s atmosphere and determine whether it looks cramped and dull or bright and spacious. If you are considering adding an extension onto your property, you must select the right doors and windows for the space.

For example, bi-fold doors will allow homeowners to enjoy the beauty of their garden from their kitchen or living room.  You also must ensure you install large, double-glazed windows that will allow sunlight to flow through your property. To ensure you make the right decision when installing windows and bi-fold doors, reach out to a reputable double-glazing company like Wombourne Windows.

Create an Open-Plan Design

If your home appears small and cluttered, it could benefit from an open-plan design. While the thought of pulling down walls might fill you dread, it could help you to create a larger space, which can negate the need to extend on your property or convert a loft. 

For example, tearing down the wall between your living room and kitchen could create a modern, social, and brighter home, which could impress your guests. It is therefore important to choose a colour scheme that will add a sense of flow into the space. For example, you could buy sofa cushions, artwork and throws that match the colour of your kitchen units or accessories.

Open-plan designs are becoming an increasingly popular option with homeowners, as one in five people chose to demolish a downstairs wall in the past decade.

Add a Tranquil Orangery

An orangery can bring a little bit of nature into your home while increasing its square footage. The extra room will provide a tranquil space to socialise with your loved ones, read a book, or to enjoy the beauty of your garden indoors. What’s more, the large glazing will allow you to welcome more sunlight into your property, which could make it appear light, spacious, and airy.

Invest in a Versatile Garden Room

A garden room is another stylish way to expand your home. The versatile space can serve many purposes, as it could become a:

It is a feature that is bound to impress both your guests and neighbours. It will also provide a quieter, private space within the home that could improve your quality of life.

As it is separate from your home, you will be free to inject your personality into the space. It could lead to you making bolder decor decisions and incorporating more personal belongings into the interior design.

Consider Adding an Extra Bathroom 

Not only are extra bathrooms useful for guests, but they can also add value to your home when it is time to sell it. You can opt for creating an en-suite bathroom to your master bedroom or a downstairs cloakroom or stylish wetroom. Another option if you are willing to undergo the process of septic tank installation or other additions to your plumbing system, you could add a bathroom to your summer house if you have one. 

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