How To Find The Perfect Gems At An Antique Market

Hi everyone, Sue here and I’m guest posting again on Laura’s blog.  Todays post is a simple guide to finding the perfect gems at an antique market.

markets and car boot sales are treasure troves for delightful furniture
even fashion. In the midst of a car boot revival, I wish to ride the antique
bargain wave and find some gems of my own.

There are so many markets out there now
and most are frequent occurrences. You’re never quite sure what you may find. Team
this with the excitement of haggling have made it in a firm favourite amongst
old and young. One of my favourites is
Park near Twickenham that holds the Sunbury Antiques Market every Tuesday where
you can find some really great finds, but also spontaneous random ones that pop
up along the roadside.

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what are the general rules and regulations to follow when heading to the
market? The yes and no’s of haggling and the tricks to discovering a real find?
Here are some simple pointers:

The Quality

book will half the story ripped out is not a bargain! And it’s very difficult
to get a refund at a boot sale. Thoroughly check any item you wish to purchase
beforehand to make sure they are at a standard you find acceptable. We
obviously don’t expect perfection on our second hand goods, but a certain level
of quality must be adhered to.


the hardest aspect and something us Brits are notoriously bad at, but haggling
is vital in getting the best goods at the best price. In fact, sellers will
overprice, expecting you to challenge them and
this is even
crossing over into stores
. So in terms of your starting offer, don’t go
far too low – the seller will think you’re not taking matters seriously and
you’ll be less likely to come out with a realistic offer. Have an idea
beforehand of what you’re willing to spend on said item and start a little bit
lower, working yourself up. If the item exceeds your target, move on. It might
only be a couple of quid more but this all mounts up so a firm finishing line
is key. Also, when you then refuse and become disinterested, more often than
not, the seller will panic and sell at that price anyway. If they don’t? Well,
it just wasn’t for you!

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Keep your eyes peeled

can find some real gems at markets when you know what you’re looking for, and
it’s harder than it seems.
Ever seen Bargain Hunt? It’s no
laughing matter! One thing I would love to find is some authentic designer
clothes; it’s been known to happen! But remember, stolen goods are often sold
at car boots AND fakes as well. It’s often obviously when an item is being
marketed as “designer” when it really isn’t and if you’re ever not sure, just
walk away! The easiest way to check is not just the label, but does the seller
have all the correct packaging? I don’t know about you, but with anything worth
a lot (from electrical goods to designer shoes) I keep the packaging always.
It’s essential for buying online as well…

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