How To Get A Luxe Look On A Budget

Mixing and matching high end and high street items really is the key to how I achieve my style.  I love to add new pieces to my wardrobe but I don’t have the budget to invest greatly in trends that will go out of style in a season or two.  Money is often relative so perhaps if I had a higher budget then I would but right now, if I’m going to splash my cash, its going to be on a high quality, timeless piece that I can wear for years to come rather than a slogan T I’ll get sick of in a couple of months.

That’s why fast fashion shops online and brands on the highstreet are great because their styles are filtered through from the catwalk but they’re much more affordable and wearable for the average person.

One of my favourite places to shop online and on the highstreet is Yours Clothing.  Thats where I got the dress I’m wearing here from and while I’ve loved wearing it over the party season, I think I’ll get plenty of use out of it in the coming months too, especially with Valentines coming up and the amount of friends birthdays I’m going out to celebrate!

The cold shoulder wrap dress is a real sparkler with little dots of holographic glitter all over it and the cold shoulder is bang on trend.  Its the cut of this dress that I love the most though; the wrap style flatters my figure and is subtly sexy across the bust without giving too much away and the short sleeves are great if you’re not so confident about getting your arms out.

While I’m a huge believer in being body positive and loving yourself completely, I know that many women contact me saying that they hate getting their arms out and would rather have them covered up, the stance I take is this; if adding an extra layer or wearing a particular style enables you to feel more confident about your body then go for it.  You only get one life and its for living, so wear the clothes that you want to wear, free from worry about what other people might think; the only opinion about your body that matters is your own so if you feel better wearing sleeves then that’s entirely up to you.

The upper arms, triceps, or bingo wings (man I detest that phrase, it sounds so body shaming), are an area prone to a sagging that a lot of women don’t like on display.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having sagging skin or anything like that- just think about all the great things your arms have enabled you to do in your life- but if you are someone who would feel more confident in themselves with this area hidden a little more then this dress is a great option.

The short sleeves conceal the inner part of the arm that tends to show the most sagging while the cold shoulder has the often smoother part of the arm on display.  For some, this might feel like having the best of both worlds and it could be a cooler option too than a dress thats not as strappy at the top if you’re going out to somewhere like a hot night club or as the warmer weather draws closer.

This dress is part of the Limited Collection at Yours Clothing which I like to think of as the more rebellious, sassy and trend led little sister of Yours Clothing.  They’re affordable, just like the main brand are and their clothes are a really quick and stylish way to update your wardrobe.

I like to pair my affordable plus size clothing with both high end and budget accessories but whatever I choose, I like it to have a luxe look about it.

My investment piece with this outfit is undoubtedly my diamond and white gold tennis bracelet which I’ve had since my teens; its a classic style that’ll never go out of fashion, probably increase in value and will certainly be a piece that I can pass onto future generations.

Another high end purchase is my Tiffany necklace with the dangling key that I received as a Christmas gift many years ago.  Tiffany are one of those special, treat yo’self or someone you love brands that don’t date and the same goes for the Pandora rings that I’m wearing too, albeit for a lower price point.  I like to stack the rose Hearts of Pandora ring with the Vintage Allure on one hand, while I wear the Pandora Rose Timeless Elegance Ring on the other.

These pieces are sparkly, classic in design and such great quality that they can be enjoyed for years and years.  They’re great for combining with less expensive pieces as they give them an instant upgrade, making the whole outfit look more luxe.

Another way that I like to get a luxe look is with designer inspired shoes.  For some women, shoes are their thing.  However for me, they’re just not.

I don’t always scrimp on my shoes, especially when it comes to one’s that’ll get a lot of wear such as work shoes or trainers for my work outs; head to this post to find a great example of where I’ve invested more than I usually would in footwear and why.

However for styles that are really trendy right now or that wont get a lot of wear such as stiletto heels, I like to find designer inspired pieces on the highstreet for as few of my hard earned pounds as possible.

The Jimmy Choo Romy Glittered Pumps are absolutely stunning but realistically speaking, how many times am I going to wear pink and silver full glitter heels in order to be able to justify the hefty price tag?  Not a lot, let me tell you!

These Jimmy Choo dupes from Primark are a fabulous alternative at less than £20 and I love the added touch of the pink ombre heel.  They give a similar effect to the Choo’s, for a far smaller price tag and one that I can justify on my income for the amount that I’ll wear them.

Primark are well known for their gorgeous designer inspired shoes.  Last year, they released lots of heels that appeared to be inspired by Valentino.  I’ve been coveting a pair of Rockstud’s for so long but the ones that I’m wearing in this post gave me the fix that I needed without giving me shoppers guilt, forcing me to dip into my savings or live on toast and beans for a month!

Where to invest and where to save on your fashion spending really comes down to your own style, budget and lifestyle.  I personally like to buy great quality but affordable clothes, invest in my bags and classic jewellery and save on my shoes that are ultimately going on the floor!

Combining designer with inspired pieces, along with styling them to compliment one another particularly colour wise, really helps you to be able to create a luxe look overall.

Give it a go, build your collection slowly and it’ll make putting together outfits far quicker and easier!


Where do you like to save and invest when it comes to clothing and accessories?

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