How To Have The Best Possible Experience When Visiting Nevada

Nevada is one of the United States’ most intriguing states. It is truly unlike anywhere else. It was the first state to legalise gambling, and before that, home to various different tribes of Native Americans, including the Paiute and Shoshone.

If you’re planning on visiting Nevada, then you will no doubt probably want to take a trip to Las Vegas, the world’s gambling mecca. However, there’s a lot to do there besides just visiting Vegas and gambling.

This post will tell you what you can do to ensure that you have the best possible experience in Nevada.

Visiting Vegas

Obviously, Las Vegas is most people’s main reason for traveling to Nevada. Vegas is a gambler’s paradise. However, there’s a lot more to the city than just casinos. The folks over at say that you could also catch a show. In addition to musical performances, the city has a fantastic zoo, a shopping precinct with a replica of a Venetian canal, and some incredible restaurants. Vegas’s Mob Museum is another popular attraction. Visit a blog dedicated to Las Vegas and all of its attractions before going, so you can find out everything that’s on offer. The Mob Museum also offers mob tours, which take people to bars, houses, and restaurants owned by former mobsters, and the scenes of murders.

Of course, sensationalism and gambling isn’t the only reason to visit Sin City. You can also take a look at the best museums in Las Vegas and learn about the city’s fascinating history, or visit the Grand Canyon National Park which is just a few hour’s drive away. This cultural exploration is perfect for people who want an alternative to the bright lights and partying that Las Vegas is known for.

Indian Tours

As mentioned in this post’s introduction, Nevada was (and still is) home to many Native American tribes. There are lots of companies that offer ‘Indian experiences.’ These companies take people on tours through the desert, and onto reservations, and explain the history of Native Americans in the state of Nevada. If you do end up on a tour and are taken onto a reservation, make sure that you are polite and respectful. Unfortunately, many visitors to Native American reservations are loud and disrespectful. You may be asked to leave if you are considered by locals to be acting obnoxiously. Be sure to buy gifts and souvenirs from reservations so that you can help to fuel their local economies.

Visiting Desert

Nevada’s desert is incredible. You can find everything there, from mesas to incredible rock formations. If you’re visiting Nevada, then why not take a tour out into the desert? It is a very good idea to take a tour rather than venture out into the desert yourself. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they can go out hiking in the desert, but unless you are familiar with it, it’s a bad idea. Make sure to take a lot of water with you, so you can avoid heat exhaustion. Water can keep you cool and prevent you from overheating.  

Going Hiking

There are a number of large parks in Nevada and a few national parks. If you’re a fan of hiking, then you will love Nevada. However, as mentioned in the previous section, it can get very hot there, mainly because most of the state is desert. Be sure to bring a lot of water with you and stick to mapped-out trails. Never venture off of trails. There are a number of dangerous animals in Nevada, like snakes for example, which are more likely to be found in areas not frequented by hikers, so avoid them.

Vibrant Nightlife

Las Vegas is a city that’s known for its vibrant and exciting nightlife. If you plan on visiting, then be sure to do your best to experience it. Whether you go out to a bar or a restaurant, get out on the strip after dark. You should be aware that many of the city’s restaurants are very expensive. You can save money by going to ones that are a little less popular or are inside the hotel that you are staying in. You can get discounts on meals by visiting your hotel’s own restaurant.

Maintaining Control

It’s very common for visitors to Las Vegas to drink. After all, and as already mentioned, the city’s known for its exciting and vibrant nightlife. Unfortunately for Las Vegas, however, its nightlife often means that the police have to deal with drunk tourists on a regular basis. If you are going to be drinking, then drink moderately, and make sure that you’re always in control. If you behave irresponsibly or act in a way that causes offence or alarm, you could be arrested or ordered back to your hotel by the police. Always take somebody with you to look after you if you will be drinking a lot.

Nevada is an interesting state, with a lot to offer. Besides Vegas, you could also visit Reno, another city that’s known for its casinos. Reno is a lot quieter and less popular than Vegas, though. Even so, it’s still worth a visit.

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