How To Help Friends Through Tough Times

Being there for your friends when they go through tough times is a pivotal part of any relationship.  There are a number of things that you can do to help them but most importantly, you need to make sure you have an empathetic and understanding tone of voice and demeanour when you head to comfort them.  No one wants to have a mate that speaks down to you, doesn’t take you seriously or makes a mockery of how you feel now, do they?  Listening and being caring is key.

Before anything make sure you remind your friend that it’s okay not to be okay.  People often beat themselves up for not being able to cope well enough but you need reassure them that whatever they’re facing right now, you will support them through it all.


It’s super important to make sure you listen.  Listening really is a must in situations like this as it’s not about you, it’s about your friend.  Let them release any anger, frustration or upset feelings that might be bottling up inside and give them time to get it all out.

Just by being there for your friend you’re reassuring them that they’re not alone at a time when they may be feeling their most vulnerable. Just simply knowing that they’re not fighting a problem alone can help them feel less lonely and muster up a little bit of hope.


Sometimes little gestures like this go a long way. Let them know you’re thinking of them after all the talking and venting has been done with a personalised card, gift or a bunch of flowers. It can often be difficult to think of the right things to say, but by sending them something thoughtful you can let them know you’re thinking of them in not so many words.


In their time of need, your friend may forget to take care of themselves. Selfcare is incredibly important not only for our physical, but our mental health too. Pull together a package of all their favourite things, from beauty products, smellies, and bath bombs to their favourite chocolates and snacks and anything else they love. A selfcare package which comes from the heart will be sure to put a smile back on their face in their time of need. You can pick up cute little crates and baskets from places such as TK Maxx and The Range to pop all their goodies in.

Being there for your friend can be tough, but by reassuring them you’re there for them and will listen to them, dry their tears and even just be around, can mean absolutely everything to someone going through the toughest of times.

How are you there for your friends when they need you?

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