How To Help Our Oceans to be Plastic Free

Many environmental issues affect the planet on a regular basis, one of them being plastic pollution. Plastic pollution is the build-up of plastic objects in the Earth’s environment that have a negative effect on oceans, land, humans and wildlife. 


According to an article by Oceans Plastic Free, there are approximately 51 trillion microscopic pieces of plastic in our oceans, weighing 269,000 tonnes; that’s about 500 times the number of stars in our galaxy, and the weight of 1,345 adult blue whales. Plastic pollution is evidently a worrying issue- however, there are various ways in which we can help tackle this crisis and #SeasTheDay.


Use plastic-free alternatives

  • Keep in mind how many disposable plastic products you use in your daily life. Try to use reusable shopping bags, metal straws, reusable coffee cups, etc.


Remember to recycle when possible

  • Try to separate your waste accordingly, e.g., place your plastic and cardboard waste into a separate bin. 


Buy products in bulk

  • If you buy products in bulk, the amount of waste you will have from plastic packaging will be significantly lower.


Chose a reusable water bottle

  • A lot of water bottles end up in the ocean because a lot of people fail to recycle them properly. A reusable water bottle will not only save you from constantly purchasing water, but will prevent the build-up of microplastics in the ocean.


Buy second hand items

  • If they’re just as good as new, purchasing people’s unwanted second-hand items can help to reduce waste.


Shop responsibly

  • When it comes to food shopping, consider searching for foods that are manufactured in the UK rather than abroad- this will reduce your carbon footprint as a consumer.
  • Furthermore, try to look for products that have plastic-free packaging. Plastic packaging accounts for more than two-thirds of our plastic waste, and only 6% of flexible plastics are recycled.


To conclude, plastic pollution is evidently a concerning prospect. We need to pose the question, are we doing enough to help? Living a greener, eco-friendlier lifestyle is an important step to take in regards to protecting the environment.

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